Smartphone Tycoon is a unique and attractive game. Download the mod, you can manage your own business, releasing your own smartphone. Earn a lot of money on creating new products and raise the level. Hacked Smartphone Tycoon, it’s endless money and no ads. Everyone can get this opportunity with the help of bonus codes. Since the method works on Android, iOS platforms, each created a separate instruction with hints.

Make lots of money

The industry of creating mobile games every year surprises consumers. Smartphone Tycoon on Android is an opportunity to experience this experience and become a real entrepreneur. Create your own line of mobile phones and sell them in bulk. Downloading the game you get the opportunity to demonstrate entrepreneurial skills. The game is available models of Apple, Samsung and other companies. Immediately after the release of the new model, you will receive feedback from users and will be able to correct further work.

Smartphone Tycoon cheat

An interesting game gives you the opportunity to have fun and learn a lot. Knowledge will be useful to everyone, the experience of creating a mobile phone can inspire you to work in this direction. Smartphone Tycoon a lot of money is required to promote the brand and get fans. The phone industry is ready for new ideas, but you need to start by creating your own brand.

Game process

Choose a company name, create a logo and replenish the collection. The first step is to complete the tasks to complete the training. This will allow you to skillfully manage all processes and be ready for new challenges. Being in the role of director, you need to hire employees. Choose from the submitted candidates to create a successful team. People are the main resource when creating new products, so you need to take the task with full seriousness.

Smartphone Tycoon mod, this is unlimited possibilities during the passage of the game. In addition, you get the opportunity to change the design of the office to increase efficiency. Proper investment and testing will improve efficiency and make more money. Since the game is free, there are purchases in it. Smartphone Tycoon can disable advertisements in the game using codes, this method is very simple and safe. And since it works on Android, iOS platforms, you can easily get the desired result. Also, you can download hacked RULES OF SURVIVAL for free.

Smartphone Tycoon mod

Create your own phone

Choose the next phone your company will release. To get a lot of money, you need to match the market price and give a good performance. Also on the reputation of the company will affect the durability of smartphones. A new product should be better off, so spend money Smartphone Tycoon on the use of new technologies. Since the game covers different areas, you have to explore marketing, design and engineering features.

This is an interesting and unique experience, create a product, increasing the value of the company. Also, you can share your achievements with friends in social networks. Implement new technologies and features in the model and make them as popular as possible. Download Smartphone Tycoon for free on Andorid, iOS from official sites. Cheat codes will be useful to those who want to get a lot of money on the account and unlock special items.

Smartphone Tycoon Hack, Android and iOS, free Cheats:

  • 1,000,000 money, code – 03j_6qSk1GV
  • Disable advertising in the game – Uxb_6oLkJVD


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