The game Stickman Warriors will delight players with an unusually simple, but addictive gameplay. Earn a lot of money by destroying opponents. Hacked Stickman Warriors will allow to get even more pleasure from the game. These tricks are available on Android, iOS for free download.

As a rule, Stickman does not have many colors, they have only one black color and there is no certain face. However, this game brings additional diversity. It is difficult to call it colorful, but the game has additional colors and more detailed elements. In it, you can take part in endless battles and be distracted from the hustle and bustle in any place.

The game is available for download on the operating systems Android, iOS. And it takes 37, or 183 Mb on different platforms. It is free, but it has game purchases, it will take a lot of money, or you will have to watch commercials. In addition, you can use new hacked Sky Wars game for free.

Stickman Warriors cheat

Game process

As in other games Stickman, here you will use the famous hero. Enemies will have the same design as the main characters. The game Stickman Warriors has a variety of colors, but despite this, the graphics are still simple and uncomplicated. Several colors are shared in the game of characters of different types. Also, you can meet different types of enemies. From the very beginning, you need to destroy dozens of opponents, leaving no room for pity. Be prepared to challenge opponents in different modes.

First of all, you need to master the controls in order to skillfully destroy the enemy. Use for this the fingers and the screen of your smartphone. Press the virtual keys to perform various movements. Chop and shoot enemies in the air, enjoy physics. This is a great way to distract using simple controls. It is very important to accurately perform the necessary movements of the character. Attack and move away from enemy strikes. Physics in the game is very important, it will allow you to overcome the enemy and get extra money with Stickman Warriors.

Game features

  • Favorite characters, simple gameplay.
  • A wide variety of challenging levels and interesting tasks.
  • Every day, new tasks and challenges to your skills.
  • Challenging missions and unique game physics.
  • Weapons of various types, a lot of freedom in choosing equipment.
  • Simple graphics, small game size.
  • Unlimited money and resources, the ability to disable advertising.
  • Frequent game updates and support.

Jump in a vacuum, all actions seem to be slowed down. It does not take much time to get acquainted and get used to the management. Your task is extremely simple, move and destroy opponents. Collect boosters and valuable resources to strengthen your hero. Each character and enemy has special skills and capabilities.

Stickman Warriors mod

Collect coins and unlock new skills. Stickman Warriors can be played for free on Android, iOS platforms. Cheat codes for free purchases are a great way to get an edge. It is very easy to get used to the game, as quickly it delays. Launching it, you can escape from business and throw out aggression. Every time discover new skills and opportunities. Additionally, buy weapons and destroy the crowd of opponents. The character is quite unpredictable in the movement, but it only increases the interest in the game.

Graphics and sounds

Stickman is not like we used to see, there are additional colors and unique physics. You can download the Stickman Warriors mod for free, it’s a great way to experience new features. Unusual physics and movements allowed to become one of the most popular games with this character. Realism is happening due to the successful voice acting. Collect different types of objects to diversify the game and get more pleasure from the process. Collect rewards, get a lot of money and coins into the account and unlock all the functions of the game.

Hacked Stickman Warriors, Android and iOS:

  • 200,000 coins for free (code for a lot of money) – 211H-JQ5YIG
  • Disable advertising in the game – 04BM-K9WYDG


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