Free arcade race SuperCar Racing, this is a new game. You can download it from Google Play, Apple Store. Codes for a lot of money, get gold to unlock new types of cars. Hacked Supercar Racing is the opportunity to play for free and enjoy endless rides. Challenge players around the world, fight with friends and get valuable rewards. The colorful game has many features and tricks which you can find out in our article.

Unlock auto

The new game from the company Genera Games, endless races, arcade gameplay and new cars. The game also will appreciate the presence of new game modes and additional features. Since the drive to be in city traffic, conditions are constantly changing. Steal simple cars, stay ahead of the enemy on the motorway. The game has added new cities, so you can visit Rome, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Tokyo and other cities. Gradually open new locations and two-way traffic.

SuperCar Racing codes

Driving through the big cities, you will meet with traffic of different density. There will also be various types of cars, ambulances, fire trucks. To win the race, you need to complete tasks. First you need to get to the finish line, time is just as important. The result will depend on the amount of experience and money. Since this is not the first game from the company, you get an interesting and thoughtful game with a wide arsenal of possibilities. Also, use hacked game Fortress TD for free.

Supercar racing money

First of all, the player needs money, and there are two currencies in the game. With cash, you can improve cars, buy and discover new parts. Gold is a premium currency, with its help you will be able to unlock paid cars and tracks. Use resources to update and improve cars. This will improve the result and get more valuable trophies. You will also need a lot of money for the purchase of supercars, and this is an important component for winning.

SuperCar Racing mod

In order not to spend your money, a player can use SuperCar Racing cheats. Promotional codes work on different platforms. Following the tips, everyone can get additional gold on their account on their Android, iOS device. Since the game is free, it’s difficult to play without shopping. In addition to advertising and shopping, you will find a lot of restrictions. Just do not forget about management. Since it is customizable, everyone can change the characteristics and sensitivity for themselves. Practice in extreme road conditions and enjoy the races.

Game features

  • Intense chase, addictive gameplay.
  • 3 game modes to choose from, the ability to choose oncoming traffic and time.
  • Online mode in which you can challenge friends and other players. Racing in city traffic gives a unique experience.
  • 15 cars are available for purchase.
  • Ability to update and improve cars.
  • Highly detailed auto effects.
  • Realistic game experience and customization options in the garage.

SuperCar Racing cheat

The colorful graphics and high detailing of the objects will allow you to plunge into the game and get pleasure from realistic races. SuperCar Racing codes for money and gold will open access to supercars and realistic cars. And thanks to the online mode, you can challenge real players and test abilities. By following the hint, everyone can get free sets of resources to the account and unlock paid items. Customize your car, create a collection of supercars and share achievements in social networks.

Hack SuperCar Racing cheats, guide, Android and iOS:

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  • Cheat for gold, get 6,450 for free – KZ-FBMAxc-YW
  • Disable advertising in the game – Xb-v6fFPT-KW


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