The Simpsons is a great game about the world famous Simpsons. First of all, it’s endless fun. and then adventure. It so happened that Homer inadvertently blew up the reactor and now there is solid radiation in the city. With this you need to do something. To begin with, try to destroy the dangerous substance and only then you can begin to rebuild the extinct city. All fans of simulators, farms, pre-New Year moods and just fun should definitely play Santa Claus’s New Year farm.

Do everything possible so that the residents return to the city again and it is filled with joyful laughter and fun. But on the way to this, hard work awaits you. It’s not very desirable to start all over again, but you are to blame for everything, it means that you will fix it all. To make it easier, gather all the friends and relatives for help.

Tips and Secrets:

They will help clean and build what is destroyed. When the first inhabitants appear in the city, this should be celebrated by having a party in an amusement park. But be careful not to spoil everything again. You will find a huge number of tasks that you must perform to go to the next one. For each completed task you will be rewarded with money.

The Simpsons mod

In the game you will need a lot of resources for which you can not only buy the necessary items, but also improve and restore what is already there. With the Simpsons cheats for money, everything will become much more accessible, because the codes are completely free. If before you were required real money in the game, now it is the last century. Enjoy the gameplay without limit. Also, you can use hacked The Catapult game for free.

The Simpsons for Android

Hacked The Simpsons for Android and iOS will allow you to get a huge number of various improvements in the game. You no longer need to download mods or buy any settings. Everything is so simple that even a child can easily cope with them and you will only have to spend resources at its discretion. Previously, you were required to personal information for the settings. but now it is not necessary. And if you do not understand something, you can see additional information below on the site. All codes are completely safe and free, and you can enter them many times.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is an interesting strategy for android, in which the main characters are the characters of the cartoon The Simpsons. The game is intended mainly for fans of the universe, since most of the content is borrowed from there. EA is developing and supporting the project; it is known to many from the Need for Speed ​​series of games.

The Simpsons cheat


In the story, the main character Homer is working on a nuclear power plant. Spending time in his favorite online game, he did not notice how the disaster occurred. As a result, the city was empty, and only he and his family remained. Now he has a long and hard work to restore the city from the ruins. By and large, the game consists of a large number of tasks, passing which the player will receive experience and valuable prizes.

In The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the main tasks will be set by Homer himself, however there are many quests from family members, as well as from neighbors, friends and distant relatives. Often these are typical guidelines for building houses, planting trees and lawns, and cleaning the area. But it was not done without humor, as some tasks will include watching TV or playing games on the tablet.

The graphics in the game is of high quality and fully corresponds to the visual style of the Simpsons universe. Management, as in any other social strategy, comes down to tapas and gestures. I am also pleased with the presence of a complete Russian localization, which makes it possible to play comfortably for people who do not speak English. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a quality and fun social game that will appeal not only to cartoon fans, but also to fans of interesting strategies.

The Simpsons Hack Codes for Android and iOS:

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