Participate in online battles with an army of heroes. Tiki Tag is free and you need to build the largest army in it. Cheats for additional experience and money will quickly raise the level. Hacking the Tiki Tag is an opportunity to unite the maximum number of warriors and win the battle. As your warriors pull the likes, each touch increases the size of your army. To win, you need to score the maximum number of points.

A simple arcade from the famous company Outfit7, the creators of My Talking Tom and other games in this series. This arcade has a number of differences and first of all it is the gameplay itself. In the game you have to travel around the map and collect the army. And your power will depend on the number of troops. Since there are other armies on the map, you need to be careful and avoid a stronger enemy. One big war on the map, use strategic skills to defeat opponents.

Tiki Tag cheat

Tiki Tag game and tips

To control an army, just use one finger. Driving around the screen, you will choose directions for it and collect warriors around. By collecting the right amount, you can combine them into one, a great warrior, and so on every time. So your strength will depend on the size of the warriors and their number. Collect gems and other boosters on the map, this will allow you to go through the game faster.

The main task of the game is to create the largest army on the map. Therefore, you need to destroy opponents, collect heroes and boosters. Each meeting with the enemy can decide the course of the game. To score the maximum points, you need to collect resources on the map. At the same time bypass too strong enemies side, with them you can deal in the future. Money Tiki Tag for free can be obtained using cheat codes. This is the easiest and safest way to get additional resources to the account.

Game features

  • Free arcade from a famous developer.
  • Endless gameplay and interesting pastime.
  • A wide variety of heroes and enemies, many unexpected situations.
  • Boosters and boosters to help get away from a strong opponent.
  • Work codes, free tips and the ability to resume the game.
  • Simple graphics, small size and game requirements.
  • Versions are available for download on Android, iOS.

Tiki Tag mod

Try to create the biggest warrior and discover new places. Tiki Tag cheats give greater freedom and the ability to quickly level up. Double the experience, turn on the infinite acceleration and disable ads for free. Create the largest possible warrior and easily defeat opponents. The higher your rank, the more experience you can earn in one trip. Equip your army with fire sticks and Tiki masks and enjoy the travels of the tribe. Also, you can use hacked Animus Harbinger for free.

Tiki Tag on Android is available in English, but it does not hurt to play without his knowledge. First, you will be trained in the form of pictures and learn about all the possibilities to improve the soldiers. Start your journey with one little warrior, avoid the enemy and look for allies. Since this is a simple arcade, control is carried out using a virtual joystick. Understand the management will not be a problem. Use the tricks and get more fun from the game.

Tiki Tag hack and cheat for Android, iOS:

  • Doubling the experience – Sx_O6v8SyPo
  • Disable ads – Qd_2KeA3gqt
  • Infinite Acceleration Booster – 9B_NaMaqrDM


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