Toca Life – this is an amazing adventure in which you have to create your wonderful world. Everything will be exactly how you want and no one has the right to indicate to you. In this game world, everything is possible. First you need to choose a character that you would like to play, and then you can start the game. And for those who love action games, we offer an excellent game in which you have to fight for your place in the sun for a long time – Marmok’s Team.

Secrets and Tips:

Since the game has many locations, you will not be bored. At your disposal there will be a whole microdistrict of the city along with its hairdresser, apartment, shopping center and even a courtyard. Get a pet and take care of it, in the game there are also more than a hundred species. Every week you will be given gifts and surprises. Finally, you can play the whole storyline, and not as in the previous parts.

Toca Life mod

You will need quite a few resources to carry out all your plans, and in the game there are not many of them, and not to introduce real money into the game, we can offer you something better. Our Toca Life codes do not help you worry about shopping. Everything will be at the highest level. Try inviting friends to the game to go along this fascinating path with them.

Important features in the game:

  • You will find more than 50 locations on which to play.
  • More than 300 characters with whom you need to get acquainted.
  • You will have a variety of animals, namely 125 species.
  • Constant updates and improvements in the game.
  • The opportunity to invite friends to the game and play together.

Hacked Toca Life for Android and iOS, it’s not only new features in the game, it’s all available. As it is not clear to many how to use the codes, then follow the link below on the site and get detailed information. With cheats for money, you don’t have to save or deny yourself something. Codes are not only safe for all devices, they can be used many times and all the time for free. No longer need to download mod Toca Life or enter personal information into the game. Everything is available to every player. Also, use hacked game Commander Battle for free.

Toca Life cheat


Toca Life World – educational game for children from the famous Toca Boca series. This time, users will not discover something new for themselves, because this project is designed to bring together all the previous games. As a result, players will get a huge world with familiar objects and details. This will allow one hundred percent to show their creative abilities, because here you can interact with almost any subject and invent your own story. In total there are about fifty locations, a large number of heroes and many other interesting things.

Cheats Toca Life for Android and iOS:

  •  For 600 000 money in the game, using the code – TL7yhfu322


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