Tomb of the Mask – in this action you will become a real seeker. There is no adventure, and treasure. This is much more interesting because the adventures will be there. First of all, you will travel a lot in search of worthy relics. Various temples, pyramids and caves, which are equipped with traps, are already waiting for you. Take your weapons and other items of equipment to counter enemies and detractors. All lovers of animal survival simulators need to play a very exciting game, this is Drift Max World.

Secrets and Tips:

Since all the owners of the treasures would not want them to be found and taken away, they took care of the protection. The traps will be of the most diverse types and capacities. And therefore one trap can be simply bypassed or jumped over, then the second one will have to be neutralized by yourself. Find masks and they will help you a lot.

Tomb of the Mask cheat

After all, they have in excess of the ability, wearing it you yourself can become a super hero. The game has a lot of tasks and missions. They need to pass to make their way further. With Tomb of the Mask codes for money and energy, you will no longer have problems with purchases in the game. You can also buy all the masks at once and complete the assigned tasks much faster.

Interesting features in the game:

  • A huge number of missions and tasks to be performed.
  • Many mysterious locations that you have to solve.
  • Collect all the masks to become even stronger.
  • Ability to neutralize all the traps in the game.
  • Easy control.
  • Interesting pixel graphics, which not everyone is destined to understand.

Hacked Tomb of the Mask for Android and iOS, these are new features in the game, and all you need is just to enter our code. No more mod Tomb of the Mask downloading and settings. Codes can be used many times and they are so simple that even an inexperienced gamer can easily cope with them. If earlier you were required to replenish real currency into the game, now you can forget about it forever. And if you are not sure whether you can correctly enter everything, then look at the details below on the site.

Tomb of the Mask mod


Tomb of the Mask is a pixel arcade in which the player will control the main character, who has fallen into a mysterious maze. The character accidentally found himself in the catacombs and found a magical mask that gives the owner extraordinary abilities. Using the ability to fly and climb the walls, he will pass randomly generated levels, collecting gold and dodging enemies and all sorts of obstacles. In the process of passing you will come across new masks with new abilities that will help you to get out of the maze.

Cheats Tomb of the Mask for Android and iOS:

  • You can get 550 000 money in the game with the code – TMdvs3yu
  • In order to have infinite energy in the game, use the cheat code – TM7yhfju


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