Tower Crush is an exciting combination of strategy and action in which a fantastic battle awaits you. The main task will be to strengthen its tower so that it will withstand the battle against the enemy. First of all, you need to think carefully about your strategy, according to which you will act, and only then begin to build the tower. If you are interested in action with a mystical gameplay, then the game Dragons: Titan Uprising, then what suits you.

Secrets and Tips:

It all starts with the fact that you need to build a tower six stories high. Then load it with the weapon to the maximum and you can start the fight in real time with real players. They can even be your friends. Arsenal weapons will be impressive in size. There and guns and machine guns or simple grenades. In general, full stuffing for a positive outcome of the battle.

Tower Crush cheat

Remember that the enemy is also real and you need to think as far as possible to try to predict how he will act. With each new level you will open up new opportunities. For all purchases and improvements you will need the resources that you will earn after the battle. But their number is constantly decreasing, and requests in the game are increasing. So try entering our Tower Crush code for money and all purchases and upgrades will be available for free. Also, you can download mod Tower Crush for free.

Interesting features of the gameplay:

  • The game has more than 280 levels.
  • A huge arsenal of weapons, which can be constantly updated.
  • 8 heroes who are waiting for the team to start the battle against the enemies.
  • Bonuses in the form of Recovery, Thunderstorm, Tornado, Poisoning, Shield, Frost and Rain of Fire.
  • Unlimited battles in the game.
  • Towers up to 6 floors, but this will not be easy.
  • Beautiful graphics and not difficult management.

Tower Crush for Android

Hacked Tower Crush on Android and iOS, this is a chance to complete your tower to the end. All you need is to enter a code for money and enjoy the game. First of all, remember that cheat codes are completely free. And you don’t need real money or personal data to get it. The safety of devices has always been in the first place, so you can not worry now, everything is safe. If you have become something that is not clear, you can see the details on the site.

Tower Crush mod


Tower Crush – a fun action in which the user needs to build a multi-level tower and engage in battle with the enemy. Equipping the structure with all kinds of weapons, the player will confront opponents and try to destroy their tower. The game has about two hundred fascinating levels, colorful graphics, a large arsenal, several unique characters, various bonuses and boosts, as well as a multiplayer online mode where you can compete with real gamers from around the world.

Cheats Tower Crush Hack for Android and iOS:

  •  To get 880,000 money in the game, use the code, for free – TC-6te3wy22


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