We present to your attention an exciting game in the genre of the strategy of Trade Town hack. This is a very colorful game that takes you into the world of fantasy and fairy tales. Together with the game you will get acquainted with the diversity of the surrounding world. Here, around the huge island, the waves of the blue ocean are splashing, and on land there are infinitely green forests. On the shore is a very cute and beautiful medieval town, inhabited by interesting characters and characters. Welcome to this trade city.

Each player can use Trade Town cheats for free to improve gameplay. This will allow you to quickly and free make the game more interesting. But you have a big and responsible job. The economic component is well developed in this game. And because you need to have good skills strategist to create your own medieval city. The Queen really needs your help! This is a very great strategy where you will be in the role of a fabulous city measure.

Trade Town gold

Description and tips of the game:

In the game you will begin an exciting adventure to build a small city, which in the process will grow and develop. Start the development of your town. Manage all the processes in the city and become an authority for your citizens. Start with building construction. Use the materials offered to you, and buy new ones. To do this, develop your industry: calculate all the economic processes in the game. Develop a medieval port. Hacked Trade Town for Gold free will help you become a leader.

Organize a profitable trade in goods from around the world. Do not stop at this, because you have the opportunity to build a whole trading empire. Develop craft in the city. After all, the higher the quality of your products, the more profit you can get. Sell ​​your goods and earn free money. As the city is located on the seashore, equip sea expeditions and trade caravans. Cooperate with the guild to fill ships with handicraft goods, and then sail to new lands and islands. Expand your trading skills. Thanks to this you will create for yourself the name and reputation of a measure of a city.

Game features:

Trade Town codes were created to improve the game for free. Be sure to use this. Lead your city and the whole kingdom to prosperity. Build on the money raised, new buildings and architectural monuments, priudychaya and exalting this, your city. Bring new products to your townsfolk, and watch your kingdom expand. Exchange your craftsmen and buy new craftsmen. They should bring new ideas to the work.

Trade Town cheats

They can grow a variety of plants and valuable fruits. Join other players to form a thriving guild. You can receive secret gifts from your friends. Where there are whole chests of gold. Only teamwork will allow you to send expeditions to distant countries. And soon you will see how from a small town you have built a huge, thriving empire.


Bright and colorful 3D picture and funny characters make the game very exciting. The developers of Cheetah Games made the game professionally illustrated. Here is a pleasant and fun atmosphere. The game is available for free on Android and iOS devices to all players.

Hack Trade Town for free, Android and Ios:

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How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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