WWR: World of Warfare Robots, this is a new, combat action for fans of mobile gaming. Collect a powerful robot and challenge real players. Earn money and level up, unlock new items. Since the game is free, there are purchases in it. To unlock paid items, you need to spend real money, or use hacked WWR: World of Warfare Robots. Bonus codes for silver and gold will allow you to get unlimited resources on the account.

Action battles

After downloading the game will take you to the distant 2156 year. The war has moved to a new level and the interests of each side are defended by robots. WWR: World of Warfare Robots mod has dozens of types of furs, as well as hundreds of items to install. Everyone can create their own robot for multiplayer battles. Going into the arena you will meet with real players, challenge and take first place.

WWR: World of Warfare Robots cheat

Since robots have high combat power, you need to use their abilities for battle. In the game you will play the role of one of the soldiers who control the robot. Combat vehicles have a wide range of weapons, valuable items. To develop a character in the shortest possible time, you need to have a lot of money WWR: World of Warfare Robots. But the skills of an experienced pilot are also needed to skillfully control the fur.

Management and gameplay

Virtual buttons and joytk will allow you to control the direction and perform actions. Standard and sufficient simple management requires getting used to. Each robot has unique characteristics that you need to get used to. This is the speed of movement, accuracy of aiming and the power of the weapon. With experience will have a complete understanding of the robot, you can become one.

WWR: World of Warfare Robots mod

WWR: World of Warfare Robots cheats for gold, this is an opportunity to gain an advantage in the form of unlimited purchases and opportunities for improvement. The number of combat vehicles will delight fans of this genre. Each upgrade increases the odds in battle. But first and foremost buy powerful weapons. This will destroy the enemy faster and gain additional experience. Without a pilot, a robot cannot perform actions, so the outcome of the battle will depend on your skills.

As the battles take place online, you will meet real players from all over the world in arenas. It’s time to show your abilities and make the name famous. The enemy will not be an easy target, you need cunning and skills to defeat the enemy. Free hacked Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted for Android and iOS, PC.

WWR: World of Warfare Robots codes

Game features

  • Fights in real time, real players.
  • 3D graphics and high detail items.
  • Flexible development and pumping system.
  • A large variety of additional weapons, camouflage and other items.
  • Dozens of different arenas and locations.
  • Highly dynamic fighting, a real challenge for your skills.
  • Every day new quests and challenges.
  • WWR: World of Warfare Robots codes work on all platforms.

A colorful game with high-definition items. Explore new arenas to know the terrain and use it as an advantage. In the game you will find a wide variety of robots and additional details.

WWR: World of Warfare Robots hack, Android & iOS:

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