Zombie Tsunami hack¬†– this is a very fun arcade game in which you will act as one zombie. And your task is to run and collect other zombies in your team. But at the same time to devour everything that comes your way. All zombakov you will keep in stock. Your game will not end until at least one dead person is alive. And if you’re not a low-flown fan of simulators, then it’s time to open and play another game –¬†The Walking Dead: Evolution.

Secrets and Tips:

It is you who will lead the gang of zombies and attack the city with a big horde. Your path will be very long, since the game has a huge number of missions that need to be completed. Starting is always easy and the levels will be easy, but each time they will become more and more difficult. On your way there will be various obstacles and people. People, of course, you will devour and it will make you even stronger. But those zombies who follow you tend to die, so look for new ones so that there will always be a lot of green friends in your team.

Zombie Tsunami mod

Do not forget that you can improve your abilities and abilities, as well as buy yourself bonuses that will help you complete the level faster and without complications. But resources, as always, are scarce, but real money is not at all interesting to introduce into the game. And with our Zombie Tsunami cheats for money, you can easily pass all levels without complications, since you will have many bonuses and opportunities.

Important features in the game:

  • The game has more than 300 missions where you need to destroy.
  • More than 10 bonuses that you can get.
  • For travel you will have more than 11 sets.
  • Ability to upgrade your categories.

Hacked Zombie Tsunami for Android and iOS, this is what you need. After all, if you previously needed additional real money in the game or settings, personal data. Now it is much easier, because you do not even need mod. Everything is so simple that even a child or an inexperienced player can handle money codes. Our cheats are completely safe for any of your devices. To view additional information you need to see the instructions below on the site.

Zombie Tsunami cheat


Gameplay Zombie Tsunami vaguely reminiscent of the famous game Joyride Jetpack. Management is implemented as simple as possible. The zombies run on their own, and when you touch the screen, the horde of the living dead jumps over holes and obstacles. The longer you hold your finger on the display, the farther they jump. At the same time, the closing ones make the jump later than the front dead, so each jump tries to pick up a couple of individuals from the crowd.

There are also superpowers here that turn heroes into a big dragon, a giant tsunami and other objects. The game has a good three-dimensional graphics with nice animation and elaboration of the surrounding world. All this makes Zombie Tsunami a good time killer with addictive gameplay.

Zombie Tsunami codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 1 000 000 Gold Coins in the game, for free – ZT-7ugjnd-33
  • Get + 800 Brains – Yv-gth309eg
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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