Infinite lives, or additional coins, codes, cheats, hack Zombie West. How to play for free, unlock weapons, get more coins and valuable rewards. Unlock paid items in the game, level up and open new places. Destroy the zombies in the new game, use weapons to clear the territory. Zombie West is free and has a number of features and hidden features that you will learn from the article. Destroy strange zombies and earn a lot of money.

The developer of the game Ace Viral released it on the platforms Android, iOS. You can download it for free in Google Play, Apple Store. Have fun destroying strange zombies. Because the developer is known for playing Mutant Fighting Cup 2, Angry Gran Run. Downloading the game, you can be sure of a qualitative approach to the creation. Since the game takes only 47MB on Android, most devices will cope with 2D graphics and effects.

Zombie West mod

Fight zombies, get a lot of money

Get ready to meet with a whole crowd of zombies, use a variety of weapons and a 3D plane. Zombie West on Android, this is an opportunity to pave the way through the desert. Gradually move up the level, reaching new territories. To get to the border, you need to have powerful weapons, a large supply of ammunition and economical use of them. Every attempt is a test, and if you do not cope, run to the shelter. Funny and addictive gameplay will win you over with simplicity.

Since you can play without access to the Internet, you can start the game anywhere. During the game you can become an expert in the fight against various zombies. Also, increasing your rank, you can unlock weapons and vehicles. To survive, you need to become an expert and learn how to accurately shoot. The free game has built-in purchases, get an elixir, or additional coins are free. Promotional codes work on Android, iOS devices and give freedom to pass. Also, you can use new hacked Warlings  and Talking Tom Fun Fair games for free.

Codes Zombie West, coins, elixir

Can you get beyond your friends? How to reach the border and become an expert without shopping. If you do not have enough ammo and money to buy more powerful weapons, you will have to repeat the experience several times. It’s boring and time consuming to become an expert, you will need unlimited resources. Surviving in the world of zombies will be much easier with a large arsenal of weapons. First of all it will make you an expert, because new discoveries carry useful items and information. And to get them without coins is impossible.

Zombie West cheat

Zombie West money is needed to run less often in the opposite direction. This process can be accelerated with the help of various vehicles. Come back to spend the collected resources to improve their equipment. Many players try to download the mod, or use the hacked game for endless ammo. It is impossible to do this with codes, but with a large supply of resources, you can speed up the process. Come back after each chase to punish your opponent.

Game features

  • Unique gameplay, action battles and shoots in the wild west.
  • Opportunity to fight with a crowd of zombies and test their abilities.
  • Dozens of weapons, the ability to shoot chicken in strange zombies. Can it be boring?
  • Use the collected coins to upgrade weapons and level up in the Zombie West game.
  • Destroy zombie punks, open new borders and share records with friends.
  • Use the stallion, or technique to quickly move through the territory of the wild west.
  • Funny mini games.
  • Simple graphics and unique style.
  • Simple controls and the ability to switch between weapons.

Zombie West hack, cheats for Android, iOS:

  • 1,000 Essence Free – Lg-PnoHBM-vwf
  • The code for 25,000 coins – Z6-gMcjm8G-Gt
  • Disable advertising in the game – Rw-VA4SMv-Pib


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