In the review of Asphalt 9: Legends, I noted many shortcomings of the game, but highlighted its visual perfection. There are more beautiful games in the App Store, but the new race from Gameloft is among the best. And with the latest update should look even cooler.

Exclusively on iPhone Xs and Xs Max, the game will now run at 60 frames per second. This will not affect the detail in any way, but the picture itself will now be even smoother. Together with the update in the game starts the event Bugatti Chiron Mega Event, in which everyone can get behind the wheel of the fastest car in the game.

Fresh mode is called Slipstream. In it, you can follow the trail of another car to accumulate nitro, and immediately get ahead. New cars have been added to the game: SIN R1 550, Genty Akylone, Maserati Alfieri and McLaren 570S Coupe.

In the network modes, new experimental rules have appeared: “Without knockdowns” and “Without a drop in the rating”. In addition to the daily awards, players receive additional prizes for entering the game every day until Christmas.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends News:

No matter how you (and me) relate to Asphalt 9: Legends, this game has weight, is loved by users and is developing rapidly. Recently, the developers released the first major update with a ton of innovations.

The main feature of the first update was the club races, which, as the authors assert, were added to the game only at the request of the players themselves. Now you can compete directly against members of your own Club.

For those who overcame all seasons in a rather voluminous career, the authors presented a new one – with 20 unique competitions. It will be available after opening the Lotus Elise car. The latter is a new car for the Asphalt 9. In addition to it, Ferrari J50 has also been added.

They promise more rewards for high positions in the Legend League and daily tasks with rewards for completing them. Finally, customizable turns appeared by pressing, several cars were rebalanced, and nitro will now accumulate during drift.



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