Announcement of Rebel Inc. from the authors of the legendary Plague Inc. was unexpected and especially pleasant. Considering that the release took place just a couple of days later.

It may seem that the projects are very similar to each other. But, most likely, we are waiting for a completely new adventure. If in Plague Inc. we were in the camp of the attackers, infecting all of humanity with the virus, now we will defend ourselves, trying to stop the uprisings and the attempts of other states to influence the life of the country under your control.

Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc. News:

The authors promise 5 realistically recreated territories; interesting mechanics of control of local states; advanced AI; 6 rulers with unique abilities and more.

The developers claim that they conducted research for the game and tried to reliably recreate what is happening in the world right now. So far only English is available, but translation is planned. The game costs 149 rubles, but includes many in-game purchases.


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