War and Magic is one of the most popular series of games on computers. And the third part, published in the distant 1999th, although reprinted since then, is still played by thousands. On mobile platforms, this series did not come out. But its popularity has spawned several quite worthy counterparts, including War and Magic.


The action of this strategy with elements of turn-based battles takes place in the fictional world of Tyroria. Which is traditionally terrorized by the forces of evil. You play as a nameless warrior, who by chance came to the kingdom, whose ruler died right on the battlefield. His daughter asks to help her, for which you are happy and accepted.

The gameplay can be divided into 2 components: control of your own castle and turn-based battles in the style of that very cult War and Magic.


Construction takes place on the grid. Thus, you can not arrange buildings anywhere. On the other hand, such a city, even in the early stages of development, looks beautiful and tidy. This game element is not limited solely to construction. You need to constantly pump buildings to improve their performance, collect resources and units and use their capabilities. The infirmary, for example, treats troops who lost health during the battle, and barracks are used to hire new soldiers.

War and Magic free

At the very beginning, only a limited area for building is available to you. And new ones open up as they reach a certain level and significantly expand your possibilities. The interface in this mode may seem overloaded from the very beginning. But you will be guided through each of the points by the handle. So such a variety with time, on the contrary, will help you to get lost in all the existing mechanics.

Finally, we note that the city looks beautiful. Regardless of the scale, it has something to admire, and dozens of elements are pleasantly animated. Especially nice to watch nature. There is also a community map in the game, but you will spend the least amount of time on it. It displays your city, troops of the enemy, clicking on which sends your troops to the battle. And, of course, the cities of other players with whom you will have to interact as you progress.


The most interesting is, of course, turn-based battles. According to the tradition of modern mobile games, you can take part in the battle automatically. To do this, when you click on an enemy unit, select “Stripping.” The outcome of the battle will be calculated on the basis of the forces of the parties.

The “Fight” button will direct you to the hero’s window (without which the battle will not go away). There you collect a detachment and go into battle. This element of the gameplay is familiar to all fans of turn-based strategies – such are modern chess. The game field consists of hexagons, which move your and enemy units. In the lower left corner you can see the sequence of moves. This is a very important point that you should pay attention to in order to correctly determine your strategy.

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Secrets War and Magic:

You can either participate in the battle yourself or click on “Avtoboy”. In this case, your troops will lead the battle on their own until you cancel this function. In the lower right corner there is a button with special abilities of the main character, which must be used wisely. The resource for its use accumulates during the whole battle. If you win, you will receive a certain amount of experience and rewards. Among which may be both an ordinary resource and a rare item.

The above is only the basis of the game. At your disposal are tasks on the development of the city, daily tasks and daily instructions of the union, which you will receive when you join the local equivalent of the clan. You can take part in competitions or various events for which valuable rewards are also awarded. The game combines the exciting controls of the city and the turn-based battles familiar to almost every gamer. And their combination creates a pleasant variety.

War and Magic on PC

Separately, it is worth noting the opportunity to play the War and Magic game on PC using the BlueTasks 3 emulator. Although initially the project was created with an eye to mobile devices, PCs are an ideal platform for strategies, so you will not have any problems in the process of passing.

All you need is to install the program on your computer and download the game through the built-in Google Play. It is also important that you can log in to your Google Play account in order not to start playing from the very beginning. To do this, go to the “About Lord” item on your mobile device by clicking on the photo in the upper left corner. Tap on the people icon and connect your account to Google Play or Facebook. The same will need to be done on the PC. And you can continue to play on your smartphone and computer, developing twice as fast.

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Control with a mouse is just as convenient, and the larger size of monitors or laptop screens will allow you to see excellent illustrations and enjoy the process of the battle.

In-Game Purchases

If you are okay with in-game purchases, then be sure to visit the store and check out the offers that are valid only for new players. So, you can get 2000 gold, 11 construction accelerations per hour, 3 packs of 50,000 trees and 50,000 food for only 99 cents instead of the originally set price of $ 20.

Or even more: for the same $ 0.99 you can pick up 5590 gold, valley lock for 7 days, VIP for 3 days, 10 accelerations for 30 minutes, 5 packs for 50,000 food and wood and 4 random chests. If over time you plan to invest in a game, then initial offers would be an excellent option.

Be sure to go into the game every day, for which you will be awarded gold, resources and VIP-status for different periods. The latter reduce the cost of facilities, increase the free construction time, give more free search cells and a lot of other advantages. Also you can find War and Magic hack on our site.

War and Magic review

Conclusions and impressions

The control of the city pleases with an excellent picture. It seems to me amazing when the mobile game really wants to run on the big screen in order to take a closer look at the small details. On the one hand, the fact that during construction and improvements you are controlled and constantly told what to do is a little frustrating. On the other hand, the main emphasis is still on the battles, so over time you get used to it and automatically perform the necessary updates.

But the ability to choose automatic or manual combat is the absolute advantage of War and Magic over competitors. You can destroy dozens of weak units in a few minutes by completing tasks or simply collecting resources from them, and in the case of a battle against a strong opponent, you can switch to manual mode in order to be able to control each unit separately.

Personally, I would gladly pay conditional $ 5 for an adventure with elements of construction, step-by-step battles, excellent illustrations and multiplayer mode than playing a game in which over time you will have to either pay or wait a very long time. All other shortcomings – at the level of competitors in the genre.



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