Sony has always had a reputation for being an indie developer. Recently, the situation has changed. And it seems that Sony no longer plans to continue supporting applications from PlayStation Mobile on Android devices.

It was a cross-platform initiative from several indie studios, launched in 2012. While Sony is not going to completely abandon this project. The service will work on Android devices with operating system version 4.4.2 and lower, and for Android OS 4.4.3. And higher, support is still in question.

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The next OS – Android L – will definitely not be supported. So far, Sony Mobile offers not only a few indie games within this project. But also quite well-known PSOne developments, such as Tokyo Jungle Mobile. Which you can still download if your device’s OS allows.

PlayStation Mobile

Many have long known about PlayLink and the potential of this platform. Thanks to her, gamers, using their smartphones, in an innovative way can play some PS4 titles. Today we will talk about one of these games called Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier. The release is being prepared by Telltale, which means that a pleasant narrative game awaits us ahead.

Its main idea is that you, like other players, change the storyline by voting, so there are many branches in the game that will not let you get bored. Many of those who have personally tried PlayLink themselves claim that the platform really changes the game, it seems that Sony is using smartphones to improve the gaming potential of new titles.

PlayStation Mobile

Sony PlayStation news:

PlayLink has already reached the popular game You You, in which people have to answer each other’s funny questions. Moreover, the list of games supporting PlayLink is constantly increasing and we like this trend. For example, on October 24, the Hidden Agenda will be released – a crime thriller, where you have to decide the future fate of the investigation by voting.

On the same day, the world will see Knowledge is Power, a trifling but amusing time-killer, as well as SingStar Celebration – the first karaoke game on PlayLink. And on March 13, Frantics will be released, a game in which smartphones will be used as innovative controllers. We love the way Sony uses smartphones in the gaming world. If you have a PS4 and you are interested in PlayLink, then soon we will publish for you even more interesting news on this topic.


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