The long-awaited announcement of the new top-end chip from Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 was held in November last year. We already know which smartphones are getting it, but today the full list has become known thanks to the social network Weibo.

In February, it will be the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, as well as the flagships of another Korean company, LG G7 and G7 +.

Actually news:

The next one will be Xiaomi, which should release Mi7 already in April. In May will be the HTC U12. June will be very fruitful for the flagships: OnePlus 6, ZTE Nubia Z18 and Sony Xperia XZ Pro. In August, Nokia 10 will be released, about which quite a lot of rumors have been circulating lately, and in September Samsung Galaxy Note 9 should be expected.

Snapdragon 845 chip

In the same month, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 should be released, and here the situation is extremely interesting, because only today the company announced the announcement in March Mi Mix 2S, which scored a record 270,000+ points in AnTuTu. Finally, September will give us a new flagship LG V40.

October will be the richest month: Google Pixel 3, ZTE Nubia 18s, Xperia ZX2 and HTC U12 +. In November, MOTO Z 2019 will be released. And in the last month of the year, OnePlus will have to update its flagship with the release of 6T. Samsung will show the W2019. Although the list looks believable, there are some inaccuracies in it, and this makes one doubt.


This week, Huawei has published a promo poster of a certain smartphone with a hint of a front camera in the upper left corner of the display. Then we thought that we are talking about the Nova 3S, the presentation of which in December of this year would be quite logical.

Snapdragon 845 chip

But today, new images have appeared on the network – full-fledged renders, but no longer the Nova 3S, but the Nova 4. The back cover completely copies that of the Huawei P20 Pro: gradient colors and triple camera in the same place. On the front panel, however, there are miniature frames and a front camera opening right in the display. The network even got footage from the broadcast, where Huawei showed this smartphone alive.

Maybe this is still the Nova 3S, and maybe already the Nova 4, the design of which the smartphone will borrow from its predecessor. We are still waiting for the latter next month.



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