Leo and Tig are fascinating adventures based on a very interesting cartoon. You have a unique chance not only to help your favorite characters, but also to go with them on an exciting journey. You will find yourself in the taiga. And for whom you will play, you need to choose yourself. Each character has its own story and its own individual abilities. And for those who love strategic thinking and military actions, you just need to play Trench Assault.

Secrets and Tips:

You will find several game modes. One of the most interesting will be the one where a lot of mini-games. In them you can earn bonuses and gifts for future use in the game. But this is only for those tasks that you perform with the difference to the maximum. You will have access to many locations, each of which has its own history and continuation.

Leo and Tig mod

Remember that it is good to be kind and help friends, because then they can help you in difficult times. Many forest dwellers need your help, do not pass by. With Leo and Tig cheat codes for money and unlocked levels, this is the only way to get to the top of the game. So do not miss this chance.

Important and interesting features in the game:

  • More than 7 locations that you can try.
  • Several modes in the game.
  • Many mini-games in one of the modes.
  • It is possible to choose one character from many.
  • Maximum realistic graphics and beautiful music.
  • Simple control.
  • The ability to receive additional bonuses and gifts.
  • Invite your friends to make the game even more interesting.

Leo and Tig cheat

Hacked Leo and Tig on Android and iOS, this is just a unique opportunity to get all the improvements in the game using our codes. They can be used many times and all the time for free. Cheat codes for money will give you only a good pastime in the game. Now you do not need to download mod Leo and Tig or buy any other settings. The security of our cheats is top notch, so you can not worry about their devices. And all the details can be viewed below on the site. Make it so easy that not even an experienced gamer can do it.

Cheats Leo and Tig Hack for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 100 000 money in the game – LT-6tyrgh
  • To unlock all levels in the game, use the code – LT-vdg37y


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