Turn-based strategies are a specific genre that many players dislike. Because of a number of conventions that make it even more “unrealistic.”. But fans of tactical battles are ready to think through their actions. Gather troops and participate in battles endlessly.

On mobile devices, there is still no perfect turn-based strategy for hardcore players. Who would be ready to finally give up their “third heroes” and try something new. This is due to the fact that the platform is aimed at a wide range of players who need bright graphics. A minimum of effort and more dopamine. Which is produced every time there are announcements on the screen that you have found a rare weapon. Received so much gold or won victory over the next opponent.

For games with this set of features Warlords of Aternum. It is bright, and even done in good 3D. Understand it can not only the one who never played step-by-step strategies. But also the one who did not even know that such genres exist. And you will indeed often win and win various awards, although it cannot be written down to one-to-one advantages.

“Story” and appearance

For years, the world of Aternum suffered from the attacks of the orcs. And people were looking for a hero who could save them from this scourge. It is his role that you take. You will move from region to region, confidently sweeping away the enemies on your way. Some of them will remain in their places and will be offered to you as periodically updated tasks.

Warlords of Aternum free

At the same time, the release of a new region will open up new characters who, at the time of meeting you, will lead an idle talk. This ends the story that could exist in the game. On the one hand, it allows you not to remember certain events in your head and not to try to remember in the middle of the passage, but what kind of character is he and what he wants from you.

On the other hand, it creates a feeling of detachment – as if you are just going through a set of cards. And the only illusion of sequential movement is the movement of your troops on the map. The game looks good, although the world map could be livelier – only water and a flock of birds move on it. Opening locations, unfortunately, are also not very diverse.

Map of the battle is made in good 3D. Characters are animated both at the moment of waiting and in the heat of battle. But, as is the case with the general map, there are not enough interesting scenery here. Green grass, a couple of boulders and a few undergrowths.

Game process

But there is something to be praised for – these are amazing art arising at the moment of loading, some victories, the appearance of a new squad or a particularly dangerous enemy. It can be seen that they are painted with attention to detail. Some of them are even animated. Unfortunately, these artworks appear quite rarely, but each time you want to hold them for an extra moment, save and set them on the wallpaper.

The main claim to the game is one single gameplay mechanic. Perhaps we are simply spoiled by the diversity that other projects offer, but in the Warlords of Aternum, when there is none, you understand what you should add.

In the same “Heroes” we needed to explore the world map, search for resources on it, communicate with different characters and decide which way to go. Here the map is only a list of consecutive tasks.

Mobile strategies are bored by many, but still creating a sense of diversity in the development of their own settlement, city or whole kingdom. Most often – it is almost automatic clicking on the site for construction, where you also suggest what to do. And this is not to mention the various discoveries of the chests, hiring heroes and pumping all that you use.

Warlords of Aternum tips

Secrets and Tips Warlords of Aternum:

Here, except for pumping, there is nothing. On the left side are a few points that you can use to improve your performance, but more on that separately.
Now more about turn-based battles. In the first regions, one location is one open battle. If you win, you clean the zone and you can not return to it. In the later stages, in order to cope with one such territory, several walkers will be needed.

Before the start of the battle, you will be told what enemies are waiting for you and what you can get in case of victory. The map traditionally consists of combined hexagons. At the very beginning it is necessary to place troops at the far left side of the map. If you have reached the later stages of the game, after the start of the battle you will be told how many moves you need to make in order to get the so-called glorious victory. Such an achievement is rewarded in double. You always go first.

The map has hexagons that give advantages in battle:

A hill, if you attack it from a nearby opponent, will give + 50% to the size of the attack.
Forest, if you stand on it, on the contrary, will absorb 50% of the damage of the enemy
The swamp will slow down the squad and make the squad 50% more vulnerable. The village will heal a certain number of points at the beginning of the turn.

It’s not so difficult to enjoy these benefits. It is enough to bring one detachment to the front and install it on a hill. Most of the enemies will rush there, after which you surround them with the rest. But it is worth noting that artificial intelligence also works well. He can insidiously climb an even higher hill, skip a profitable blow, just to get into the forest behind your back or send archers to a single hill on the map to fire long-range fire from there. Unfortunately, due to the small number of units and the small size of the map, even such sophistication of virtual enemies is not able to create a real challenge. Also, you can use hack Warlords of Aternum on our site.

Warlords of Aternum secrets


Since there is no detailed study or construction, the developers have made several stages of development. Standard improvement is divided into packs: the course of the young rider, supplies from farmers, fresh recruits, and so on. For victories in battles or on arriving ships, you get improvements that give advantages in and of themselves and offer special bonuses in case of their full discovery.

The “Army” section allows you to improve the capabilities of your individual units, choosing weapons, defense and banner for them. They can also be found in rewards for winning battles.

Finally, the forge is used to pump items that you already have.

Free. Surprisingly, in the early stages of the game, the influence of the free-to-play model is not felt. You easily win, the in-game currency accumulates and you do not have time to waste it, and you do not need energy to participate in battles.

Therefore, the proposals to buy starter sets of coins and diamonds seem to be not entirely logical. It is likely that in the later, much later stages of the game, you will feel the impact and you will need to spend more time in-game currency and maybe even real money (if desired), but there is no motivation to play for so long.

The benefits of playing with BlueStacks

As in many other mobile games, Warlords of Aternum can be played on a PC. The size of the game adapts to the big screen, control is carried out using the mouse, and hot keys can be configured for even faster play.

Plus, the previously mentioned arts on the big screen look just amazing. The only thing that catches your eye is the miniature 3D models that are not so much smoothed out on the big screen. Also, BlueStacks is appropriate to use for streaming. A single emulator is enough to demonstrate the gameplay with minimal effort.


Warlords of Aternum is the simplest representative of the genre of turn-based strategies. Oddly enough, the free game does not manifest itself in the quality of the gameplay, at least in the early stages.

But, unfortunately, this process itself does not offer enough challenge, so if you are a fan of the genre on computers, this project will not become a worthy alternative. If you are looking for just an interesting new entertainment for mobile – it’s worth a try.


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