Awesome Tanks is an interesting action in which you have to fight in tanks and fight according to your own rules. That you need to create your own levels and then also pass them. Numerous battles involving tanks will be waiting for you. During the battles you still need to collect coins. This is necessary in order to improve your technique and defeat the enemy. And all lovers of the puzzle need to play an exciting puzzle game –¬†Buca.

Secrets and Tips:

It all starts with the fact that you need to choose a tank and level. If the level did not seem very good to you, then you can easily change it or create another one. To advance through the game to the victorious finish, you have to go through quite a few battles. Challenge other players from all over the world or your friends and forward to victory. In the levels you will have the opportunity to gather resources for yourself, but this is all not that, since this is not enough.

Awesome Tanks mod

And with the Awesome Tanks cheats for money, you will be able to afford to improve or buy whatever you want. Since the codes are free there will be no barriers. The most powerful tank will be even cooler, because you can improve it. Create such a level that the enemy could not pass it quickly, then you will have even more chances.

Interesting features in the game:

  • A huge number of levels.
  • Ability to create your own levels or edit those that have already been created.
  • Many types of equipment that you can buy.
  • The ability to buy weapons that you want.
  • You can open achievements.
  • Set your rules in the game.

Awesome Tanks codes

Hacked Awesome Tanks for Android and iOS, this is an amazing opportunity to have all our codes, for free. With money cheats, you can make purchases as much as you want. You no longer need to download mod Awesome Tanks or buy other settings to improve the game. If before you were required to have real money and personal data to play, then now all this is not needed. And codes can be used many times. They are not only free but also completely safe for all your devices. More details can be seen below on the site.


Awesome Tanks cheat

Awesome Tanks – Tanks for Android with classic gameplay, camera view from above and a variety of game modes. The player will control the tank at multiple levels, filled with many opponents. For survival and victory, you must destroy all the enemies on the map. Successes on the battlefield, as well as the collection of coins will help to pump the caterpillar to the maximum. In addition to battles with the usual opponents of the user also expect exciting fights with the bosses, who will try to destroy the tank with all its might.

Cheats for Awesome Tanks on Android and iOS:

  • Receive 700,000 money in the game, you can use the code – AT-7uyt54-ee


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