Bladebound is a great game with action elements and amazing, as realistic as possible graphics. To protect the entire universe, a special order was created. And you need to fight., Because you lost the last battle, now all hope for the final. You will succeed if you choose the right strategy and tactics of battle. And if you like action games, then it’s time to shoot and lead your team to victory, in the game Crime Revolt.

Secrets and Tips:

On earth, utter darkness, many knights and defenders of the order died in an unequal battle against monsters. So try to prove to everyone that you are worthy of profiting from a real hero and a knight whom you should not mess with. Battles will be not only weapons, but also magic. The gameplay is very difficult, especially the battle itself. If you did not have support before, now you can easily invite your friends to the game and create a powerful alliance with them.

Bladebound mod

Also, so that everything goes the way you want, try as much as possible to improve your characters and their characteristics, abilities. But all this you need a lot of resources, without which you can not win this fight. With Bladebound cheats for money and crystals, you can buy and improve everything you want, thereby bringing victory closer to you. Seal all evil from where it came from and life will be the same.

Interesting facts and features of the game:

  • In the game you will find more than 1000 combinations of magic spells.
  • More than 500 types of weapons and armor, which can be improved and buy new.
  • A huge number of characters, each of which has its own unique abilities.
  • The ability to continuously improve the characteristics of characters.
  • Play with friends, creating a powerful team.

Hacked Bladebound on Android and iOS, this is a chance to start all over again and to beat all those who previously could not. You will receive codes for money and crystals and be able to afford free purchases in the game. For detailed information, follow the link below on the website. Codes are not only free and can be used many times, but also completely safe. So you can easily enter cheats and enjoy the gameplay. You do not need to download Bladebound mod apk.

Bladebound cheat


Bladebound hack’n’slash RPG – Action-RPG, which tells about the struggle of the forces of light and darkness. A long time ago the knightly order fell under the onslaught of evil, which began to rule the world. After many years, the main character decides to restore the order, for which he embarks on a dangerous adventure, where he will meet many opponents and overcome them. The user will feel all the danger of a large open world and lead the character into battle. Management here is using swipe. Also, the player will be able to improve the characteristics of the protagonist and will collect various valuable items: weapons, armor and artifacts.

Hack Bladebound Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the codes get 800,000 money in the game – Bw-3i9k-fv
  • Get 8,000 crystals in the game, using the code, for free – By-7fu3-yd
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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