Unlock autos, sets, chests of awards, free, BOWMAX. Gold and diamonds, without downloading mod files, cheats, codes, guide. Tips for passing, hidden features, guide & tools. Play for free, without shopping. Collect an arsenal of weapons and valuables, thereby raising your level. Also, the game will bring a new experience in online battles. Earn money for achievements and expand the collection of transport and arsenal of weapons.

Simple to control and play, BOWMAX hack will only expand the list of available features and capabilities. Since the developer has successful projects, the game is well executing. The PNIX team gained their fame through the Mini Golf King. But this time, gamers got a great action simulator. In it you can feel yourself in the role of the hero of the movie “Mad Max.” The struggle for resources is conducted in the deserts on armed cars. Download the game can be free from Google Play, the version on iOS is expected soon.

BOWMAX cheat

Action battles

Colorful game has a simple control, move to the car and shoot. In the arsenal of each player there are several types of weapons. It is divided into ranged weapons, melee weapons, as well as grenades and other boosters. First you need to get acquainted with the task, and this is the maximum damage to the enemy. But do not forget to defend yourself. There is a shield on the left on the screen, it will allow you to avoid a powerful enemy attack. Fast response, accurate shots contribute to the rapid increase in the level.

BOWMAX can be played for free with boosters and bonuses. Since the game is free to download, for the money you can buy sets of game currency. First of all, it is a more powerful weapon and additional equipment. Use it to easily destroy enemies. To skillfully manage all processes, one finger and network access is enough.

Fights are held online, each player is a member of a team of 3 people. Multiplayer battles have a time limit. It is necessary to kill opponents as many times as possible in order for the team to win. At the top of the screen is a score, the winning team receives gold and gems for each achievement.

BOWMAX codes, bonuses and boosters

Playing is easy enough, but with each level purchases are becoming increasingly important. To raise the level, you need to spend a lot of money, gold and diamonds on purchases. Skill will help to get more valuable rewards, but they are lacking in the purchase of powerful equipment and premium weapons. And this is not only an advantage, but also an opportunity to raise one level higher. Since the battles take place online, the pleasures of winning are doubly enjoyable.


Gather a team of friends to play together. An exciting game gives an extensive experience, each battle is unique. The game automatically selects opponents by level. Each has a unique car and an arsenal of equipment and weapons. Hacked BOWMAX, it is an opportunity to spend diamonds and gold on purchases, without restriction. First of all, it is an opportunity to improve every detail. Raising the level, you will meet powerful opponents. Are you ready for this? I think everyone will cope, having spent time studying this method, you can save dozens of hours to pass. In addition, use new hacked Mad City game for free.

Game features

A colorful game will please 3D graphics, vivid elements and effects. You can get the pleasure of creating a car and buying additional equipment. Fighting will bring action and increase the level of adrenaline. In the game more than 80 types of equipment are available, each has unique characteristics. Gold will help to become stronger and modernize equipment. The combination of various equipment, armor and transport and create cars. Bonus codes, this is a great opportunity to raise the rank and win the league.

BOWMAX cheat codes on Android, iOS:

  • 85 000 gold for free, code – NtdYmWBLNl
  • 5,450 diamonds – TbIRBgdE8p
  • Disable Game Advertising – Uhloq53cvV


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