Build your own city in the new version of the game City Island 5 for Android, iOS. To get a lot of money and unlimited resources, use codes, cheats and hacking City Island 5. Become the richest measure, earn money, collect taxes and reinvest in your own city. In the game you can turn a small town into a huge, industrial city. Make people want to settle in your city and earn money.

The fifth part of the game is a continuation of the popular series. Millions of players have already experienced and continue to play this simulation. Since the game was downloaded by tens of millions of users, there is a lot of competition in the game. Despite this, everyone has the opportunity to build a new and unique city. Use airships to send airships and discover new islands for commerce. It is also necessary to expand the territory to take even more residents. Become a measure of a dream and build a city on your own layout.

Free City Island 5 codes

The free game has built-in purchases in order to build the infrastructure, you have to spend a lot of money. Playing for free, you need to spend much more time to collect the right amount of resources. Promotional codes provide an opportunity to get a large stock of cash and significantly speed up the passage. With updates, the game has become even more colorful, vibrant. Also, new types of buildings and opportunities to decorate the landscape. An important element is travel to the neighboring islands.

City Island 5 mod

Discover new territories and opportunities, thanks to simple controls, the smallest will be dealt with in it. The game stimulates the discovery of new islands, and these are new features and design. Since you can play offline, you can play where there is no access to the network. And to save your achievements, you can connect your account to social networks. City Island 5 on Android allows you to transfer all the achievements to other devices using the “synchronization” function. If this is the first urban planning game, then you will experience great pleasure from creating a whole megalopolis. Also, you can use hacked¬†City Island 5¬†for free.

Expand territory

Casual, urban game allows you to significantly expand the territory. From the little village to the big city. But to go through this path and expand the city, you need to prepare new areas around the selected location. First of all, you need to think over all the ways of communication and connect different parts of the city. The game is known free base, but has several limitations. Playing without access to the Internet, you can get rid of advertising, but the lack of resources is constantly felt. Often it is necessary to engage in monotonous actions in order to collect the necessary amount of resources.

City Island 5 on iOS, this is an opportunity to visit the towns of friends and other players. Learn the basics and train to properly equip their territories. In addition to the settlement of the city, people need to take, for this you will need businesses and shopping centers. Also, you can watch the happiness of your citizens. The more residents, the more taxes you can collect. An exciting game will delight a wide variety of buildings, objects and travel.
Hundreds of interesting tasks every day, you can return to the gameplay at any time. Since the game does not require access to the network, it is very convenient. Here you can not get bored, every day new tasks, awards and discoveries.

City Island 5 cheat

City Island 5 game features

  • The newest game from the popular series with tens of millions of downloads.
  • Sophisticated gameplay and a large number of functions.
  • Dozens of types of buildings and unlimited opportunities for improvements.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics, bright effects and new landscapes on each of the islands.
  • A large number of quests and places to explore.
  • The fascinating process of construction and freedom of action.
  • Opportunity to visit cities of friends and other players.

Play without connecting to the network, access to your favorite gameplay anywhere.
The colorful game is full of creativity and freedom of action. Unlock bright and colorful elements, fulfill dreams and play with friends. The economic part of the game is very simple when you learn how to use codes and get a lot of money City Island 5 for free. Thanks to the presence of various islands, you will know the joy of new discoveries. Every day, new discoveries and opportunities. Level up and unlock access to new items and places.

City Island 5 Hack & Cheats, Android and iOS:

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  • 2 750 gold for free, code – U3K4JOGI29
  • Boost pack x5 – E5Z6DG2MN2
  • Disable advertising in the game – ML1GH8PFMX


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