Cube Survival Story is an interesting action in which you are transported into the world after the apocalypse. You need to try to survive in it, create and defend the tower and destroy all opponents who are not happy with you in the game. You will have to make every effort to stretch as long as possible and not die. But your opponents will be not only zombies, but also other real players who want to survive. If you like to play adventures, but also in the style of minecraft, then this game is perfect for you – Talking Tom Farts.

First of all, you need to remember that you are not immortal, but a person and you need to satisfy all the needs to maintain life. This is food, drink and sleep. Sleep best during the day, because at night all evil spirits come out to hunt. You will collect your own transport yourself, as well as your weapons, your house, your clothes so as not to freeze and much more.

Cube Survival Story codes

But the main task will still come up with an excellent plan so that the enemy will not have a chance to survive. For all purchases and improvements in the game you need a game currency, which is constantly lacking. And with Cube Survival Story cheats for money, you can not worry about it.

The main features of the game:

  • Ability to build your base so that no one can get to it.
  • A huge number of cards on which the battle will take place.
  • Many details of which can be folded amazing transport.
  • Several characters with which you will fight and protect their territory.
  • The ability to invite friends to the game or other players to have a decent competition.
  • Simple control and interesting gameplay.

Hacked Cube Survival Story for Android and iOS, these are new features in the game, with which you will make free purchases in the game. You no longer need to download mod Cube Survival Story or buy other settings in the game. All you need is to look at the detailed information that can be seen below on the site. Codes are not only completely safe but you can enter them many times and all the time for free. If earlier you were required to enter real money into the game or personal information, now you do not need to do this.

Cube Survival Story mod


Cube Survival Story is a quality project that incorporates all the features of today’s popular games. First, it is an excellent action on the theme of survival in a zombie apocalypse. The player will have to survive in a world full of dangerous mutated creatures, for which you need to collect weapons, build a shelter and extract vital resources. In addition to the gameplay component, the second distinctive feature of the game is graphics, made in a cubic style. All this makes the project one of the best representatives of the genre.

Cheats Cube Survival Story for Android and iOS:

  •  Use the code and get 1 000 000 money in the game, for free – CS-S7ytr5-44


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