Game Driving School Classics, mobile simulator, free download, on Android, iOS. Tips and tricks passing, a lot of money, unlock cars. Hacked Driving School Classics, guide, tools, tips. Take part in races in the new mobile driving simulator. In the game you can learn to drive and at the same time use classic cars. Legendary car models that can be safely called retro punishments. Choose from supercars, maslkarov, SUVs, buses and even trucks.

Downloading the game, you get the opportunity to have an interesting time while driving. First of all, the game pleases with a large variety of content. In addition to dozens of cars, various locations are available in the game. Drive around the city, or in the deserts, climb mountains and other places. Show what you are capable of; choose a manual gearbox to take full control of a classic car. Additionally, get interesting tasks and daily challenges to your skills.

Driving School Classics cheat

Driving School Classics cheats and codes

Since the game is free, there are purchases in it. For real money a player can get a virtual set of benefits. First of all, it is a wide choice of cars and opportunities for improvements. Having enough money and coins, the player gets freedom. Also an important feature is the ability to disable advertising. Passing the game, this is a consistent assignment. The number of stars received will depend on the size of the reward and the number of points received.

With the increase in level, new opportunities, maps, cars and parts. Thanks to simple controls, you can quickly set up a convenient control and get used to it. And you can control the car using the virtual keys, or using your mobile accelerometer. Money Driving School Classics, is an important detail in the process of passing. Since the game has two currencies, each resource fulfills its role. And if money allows for improvements, then with the help of coins you can unlock new cars and hidden features.

Game process

Start the passage of the game from a career, choose the first car and go to conquer the streets of the city. The first time the game will introduce you to the gameplay. Reaching a certain level you will open multiplayer mode. And this opportunity will fight in races with friends and other players. Due to the variety of modes, each time you can choose more suitable for an interesting pastime. And if the achievement is a career, then the free mode will allow you to relax with any time anywhere. Also, you can use hacked Press Inc for free.

Driving School Classics mod

Game features

  • Colorful racing game from a famous developer.
  • Unlock auto Driving School Classics, diversify the gameplay.
  • Large maps, a variety of locations.
  • Simple and customizable management.
  • Different game modes, free mode, career and multiplayer.
  • High level of detail, realistic salons cars.
  • Damage system and flexible settings.
  • The ability to monitor the performance of cars, fuel level and others.

Just want to separately note the quality of graphics and high level of detail. Any accident will leave traces on the car, and you need to monitor many indicators. 3D graphics allowed us to make the graphics realistic, which in turn will help to plunge into the game and enjoy the colorful cars. To play for free, it is enough to know the codes and learn how to use cheats in the game. This function does not violate the rules, but gives complete freedom during the passage. Follow the fairy tales and get a lot of money on the account for free.

Hack and cheats Driving School Classics:

  • 1,000,000 money for free – 2VXkzPBH0_382
  • 100,000 coins – YKjciMiYs_381
  • Disable ads – Llyjpa76b_384
  • Double experience – 7JwwRaC4D_387



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