Game of Warriors is an exciting strategy in which you have to become a real defender of your city. To begin with, you will have to call upon the inhabitants of the town as well, so that they also become defensive. Before you begin, you need to train your colleagues so that they know what is required of them. Since many orcs, goblins and skeletons are already under the walls of your city and are waiting for you to get inside and destroy everything in your path. And all lovers of arcades, you definitely need to play one of them – Mad Dex.

Secrets and Tips:

The game has more than one mode, so it will be where to choose. You can stay inside your town and protect it from attacks or you can attack other cities yourself and take away weapons and resources from them. Each time, defeating opponents or robbing another city, you and your team will become stronger and more powerful.

Game of Warriors mod

As soon as you have free resources, you immediately improve and pump your army and strengthen the city. Then they will even be afraid to attack you. You will need a lot of resources to translate all your plans into reality. But it’s not scary, because now you will have our Game of Warriors codes for money and energy. You no longer need to save or wait for replenishment. Everything is now available and free.

Interesting features in the game:

  • Several game modes from which you can choose the one that suits you best or like.
  • A huge number of characters, soldiers, which can be improved and pumped.
  • Many opponents, fantastic creatures who are not afraid of anything and know the magic tricks.
  • Many missions and tasks that need to go through and get paid for them.
  • Beautiful graphics, music and fun gameplay.

Hacked Game of Warriors on Android and iOS, this is what you need. Since now you do not need to download mod or buy other settings to improve the game. All you need is to enter the code for money and energy and enjoy the gameplay in full. No more real money in the game and personal information. Codes can be used many times, and the details below on the site. Also, use new hacked game Stories: Your Choice for free.

Game of Warriors cheat


Game of Warriors – a strategic game that combines the elements of TD and battle wall to wall. The player will have to defend his castle from enemy raids, sending out protective units. Also, his duties will include the attack of the enemy’s citadel. Together with a variety of gameplay, the project received a system for developing the characteristics of the hero. All this is complemented by several dozen types of fighters, a variety of combat skills, pretty three-dimensional graphics and a choice of four powerful characters.

Cheats Game of Warriors for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 800 000 money in the game, on purchases – GWcjdy3e
  • To have 9,000 energy, use the code, for free – GW7uhyfr


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