How to get coins for free, codes, a lot of money Hang Line tips and guide when passing. Unlock levels, boosters, cheats and codes in the game. How to use the hack Hang Line, get access to paid items. Reach the highest peaks and get valuable rewards. Only hook and rope, their proper use will allow you to save climbers, get to the top and get money as a reward. The article contains codes and hints for quick passing.

Action game from the developer Yodo1 Game, the creators of the popular games Rodeo Stampede, Rooms of Doom and other games. Fascinating gameplay, unforgettable adventures, interesting challenges. In the game you have to conquer more than one mountain. A small set of equipment and the increasing complexity of tasks. For the received coins the player can buy boosters. And this is navigation, boosters, additional helpers. They can significantly increase the chances of survival in the game.

Hang Line mod

Game process

Only hook, rope and difficult conditions. Hang Line on Android, this is an action game with lots of adventures and challenging tasks. Conquer the mountain, take on more difficult tasks to test your skills. Severe conditions are constantly complicated by avalanches, exploding objects, crumbling rocks. Complicated adventure turns into a real action. Each level is a test of your skills. To cope with the task you need a quick reaction and the ability to repeat the experience.

In addition, you need to get to the top to get to the helicopter. You can save other extreme people by marking their coordinates for the helicopter. Get coins for all collected items, conduct research and get additional boosters. Coins in the game, it is an opportunity to use assistants and greatly simplify the passage of tasks. This will bring you closer to fame and recognition. Save a large number of people and conduct royal research. The game is a great way to hang out. Small requirements and beautiful graphics will help to get pleasure from the process.

Hang Line Money Codes

The free game has built-in purchases, so for the money you can get additional coins, disable advertising. Also available are boosters and helpers that are purchased for game currency. As you will meet with endless avalanches, falling stones and difficult challenges. It is not always possible to complete the tasks from the first time, use bonuses to increase your chances. In addition to quick response and accurate actions you will not interfere with the navigator, extra lives and other helpers. In addition, use new hacked games Zombie West and Talking Tom Fun Fair for free.

Hang Line cheat

Since traveling in the mountains carries a large number of unpredictable situations, you will be something to surprise. Explosions, dangerous landslides, crumbling stones. The game will help train your abilities, speed up your reaction and teach you how to make decisions quickly. Close to 50 levels and an endless mode for conquering mountains. Show what you are capable of, climb the 5 most dangerous mountain sites. The game has 4 modes with different settings. Use them to have fun.

Graphics and features

Colorful game has a simple 2D graphics, it copes with the display of all the details. The developers have also worked on optimization, which will allow more people to play. Hang Line cheats on coins, lives, boosters will help save all the characters. Use different types of helicopters that quickly deliver to the base. And for the received coins you will be able to buy new hooks, accessories. Learn new tricks and enjoy the scenery in a colorful action game.

How to use the hack Hang Line Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • 25,000 coins for free – 3i3_nd0ddxf
  • Disable ads – 9eu_t0qpp9g
  • Unlock all items and modes – 7h7_0egvl6o


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