Go through all the stages of evolution in the game Homo Evolution for Android, iOS. You can download the mod for free, but to get a lot of money and precious stones, you will need hints and codes. Hacked Homo Evolution will speed up the processes and save a lot of time on the passage of the game. Go through all the stages of evolution, create a superman and rejoice in new discoveries. A new and exciting game will give a lot of time interesting pastime.

First of all you have to work with lizards. It is not clear why the development team chose this animal as the beginning for the genus. But by connecting the animals, you can get a new look and raise a step above. For each modification, the player receives rewards and bonuses. And if coins are needed to make improvements, then gems play the role of accelerators. You can get them through the game store, or with the help of promotional codes.

Homo Evolution mod

Homo Evolution Game

In the process of passing you will be able to go through all the stages of creating a modern person. First of all, the player will pass the stages of the evolution of animals, which is designated in the game as the beginning. Therefore, next you will meet with the first people. Further evolution will lead to creativity, you will be able to observe the emergence of poets and creative bohemians. Further implementation of technologies will create a modern society with a mania for consumption.

Perhaps the developers have released the game as a social mission. As the level increases, you will be able to observe the degradation of humanity, modified food and deteriorating living conditions. Azur Interactive Games Limited has created an interesting and exciting game for clicker fans. Despite this, it addresses important, environmental issues. And you will need Homo Evolution money to go through hard times and restore balance. Also, you can use hacked Stickman Ski.

Game process

A simple clicker will not be a burden for heavy management or complex process. Just combine the species to move to a new round of evolution. Thanks to the beautiful and vibrant graphics, you can enjoy different stages. Motivation for further passage are new discoveries. Since the game has dozens of stages, it will take more than one day to enjoy new discoveries.

Homo Evolution cheat

A wide variety of animals, individuals and unpredictable personalities. Unique paths for development and the ability to choose a specific coil. Homo Evolution can be played with precious stones on your account, and you can get them with the help of tricks and cheat codes. Open TV, Internet, develop sports, or computerization. Spend money on scientific discoveries and develop virtualization. In the process of passing the levels of the player waiting for a lot of amazing facts and interesting events.

Different stages have unique design. The game has cartoon graphics with high precision of what is happening. Do research. to move to a new round of development. Improvements and new discoveries can be obtained with the help of precious stones. Get them for free, develop the world and combine different creatures. This exciting and unpredictable process will appeal to gamers of all ages. Download the game from Google Play, follow the prompts to speed up the passage.

Homo Evolution hack, bonuses and codes:

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  • Code for 5 000 gems, free – ZCU_MHI5OWL
  • Disable in-game ads – HE1_H2ZNUH8
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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