We present you a super fun and exciting game. Use hack Link: Blast Puzzle Game for free. This puzzle game in the genre will help you to relax with a benefit for the brain and will definitely raise your mood! If you like solving complex and not very difficult tasks, this game will help you to develop further in this direction. Puzzle is what you need here and now, besides this is the perfect way to have fun. You will spend this time in the mysterious world of wild animals, archaeological excavations and in the world of miracles and magic! But you need a little brain work to fulfill all the conditions that the company developer Ice Storm has set for you. To improve the game enter cheats Link: Blast Puzzle Game for free.

The essence of the game and description:

In order to complete the level, you have to make combinations of three or more identical animals. But at the same time the number of moves is limited. And therefore you must be extremely attentive and plan ahead. Believe that it will be interesting to you to test your skills in solving puzzles by connecting animals. According to the plot of this game, these furry pets have got out, and prevent from carrying out archaeological excavations. Hacked Link: Blast Puzzle Game will give you a lot of Gold for free.

You need to help the professor deal with these cute animals. After all, you have to find the real treasures and relics of the world. It all depends on you and how you cope with your task. In this interesting puzzle game, you need to pass the levels by connecting fluffy animals in a line. You will see that such mechanics of Match 3 will open up for you in a new way.

Link: Blast Puzzle Game cheats

All your moves, which you will pass with skill, will be rewarded with exploding fireworks and colorful cascades of rainbows. Earn free game currency, incredible boosters and bonus bonuses, diamonds. Collect your collection of artifacts. All this is available when you open a series of levels. You are waiting for talismans, Aztec masks and other treasures after the opening of chests with awards.

Game features:

Link codes: Blast Puzzle Game without downloading the mod will improve the game and become a leader. Challenge and go through this epic adventure, along with the professor and his companion alone or compete with friends. Also try to score as many points as possible. Opening new levels, you will have the opportunity to find out what awaits them in other parts of the world. Take advantage of many additional quests, where you will find even more bonuses: puzzles, a task for a while, ancient quests or honey levels. And this whole game will take place with a collection of pets: rabbits, piglets, puppies and various birds. Use new hacked gameĀ Hidden Hotel.

The simple and exciting process of the game is so much so that you can even think about something of your own, even when the levels become harder. The game has very bright graphics and colorful animation, unique mechanics for the Match3 genre. Leaderboards allow you to follow the progress of friends and rivals. The game is accompanied by fun and relaxing music. In addition, the game is in the category for free and is available on Android and Ios for all. Easy game!

Cheats codes Link: Blast Puzzle Game hack for free:

  • Get + 1 000 Gold for free – P-h3eg
  • Use + 5 steps – N-gj30
  • Block Ads – G-t3j20


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