Hacked Puzzle Combat is an exciting and combined mobile game. The developers of the Small Giant Game give you the opportunity to dive into the world of fantasy of your choice. Here you can develop the tactics of your characters for a long time. The game is simple and elegant, where everything looks neat, finished and in a new way. The developers tried to keep all the best traditions of the old version of the game and added new modern features and strategies. Puzzle Combat cheats will allow each player to improve the game for free.

But the most important thing is that it was in this game that the idea was realized, to combine the puzzle of the “three in a row” subspecies, with a role-playing game, and it came out fascinatingly. Sophisticated mechanics of the genre combine calculating logic games with strategy and exciting adventures. Here you will see a completely new look at the game in the RPG genre. You are waiting for exciting battles and interesting characters.

Puzzle Combat gold

Descriptions and tips of the game:

Accept the role of a brave character and start a bold game. First you need to build a powerful and strong base to cover your heroes. Next you need to develop your army. On your way to battle will be hordes of ferocious and battle-hardened warriors. You are waiting for a lot of tests, all for real heroes! In addition, you need to use the best strategy and tactics to attack your enemies. You do not have to download Puzzle Combat mod, just use the codes for Android and Ios.

They are given in the game a large number and variety: military vehicles, soldiers, airplanes, tanks. You need to win battles, making combinations “three in a row.” The icons themselves are different in color and correspond to one of the heroes, as soon as you make a row of three, the enemy will be damaged and the hero will gain strength for a special attack. For battles, use missiles, grenades and bombs, creating amazing combinations.
You need to find and form the longest rows to cope with different types of threats, from the simplest to the most powerful bosses.

Game features:

You have the opportunity to discover hundreds of heroes, form strong units and raise their level. Build buildings and bases, which will then give various free resources. For each destroyed enemy, you will earn free game currency and the opportunity to improve the hero and weapons. Test your skills in mini-games, discover new items and opportunities for the character.

Puzzle Combat cheats

Create your own fighting style for him, using powerful weapons, armor, special combat skills and much more. The game provides a lot of opportunities. In addition, there is a PvP mode battles with players from around the world. Free Gold Coins Puzzle Combat is possible, just follow the game secrets.

The game has a very bright design that attracts attention. Although there is not enough sounding of the battles themselves, this did not prevent the game from being interesting and fascinating. The management of the game is very clear and simple. However, this is definitely a game where you get a role-playing experience completely free on Android and Ios. Be sure to play this interesting game. Also, each player can use the new hack Link: Blast Puzzle Game for free.

Hack Puzzle Combat Cheat codes for free:

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