Rise Up is an interesting arcade game in which you have to protect the ball, it moves only up and does not stop for a second. Since there will be a lot of obstacles on his way, you need to destroy them by any means before the ball is tackled to them. Fans of building farms and caring for animals need to play an amazing simulator From Farm to City.

Secrets and Tips:

You will break obstacles with the help of a ball. Since the various figures will fly straight at you, you need to do everything so that they parted in front of the balloon. But you need to be extremely attentive, because you cannot know what awaits you at the next level, what barriers are prepared specifically for your ball.

If at the beginning of the game everything is very simple and even boring in some places. Then the further you go the more difficult the level becomes. Predict that there is not possible ahead. You can only be sure that it will not be easy. It is necessary to apply maximum effort to complete the task and the ball remained intact. The graphics in the game are as simple as the controls, but here something cool is not necessary.

Rise Up cheat

Rise Up for Android, iOS

Since to pass the levels is always not enough lives and you need to do everything in order, now these rules do not need you. With Rise Up cheats on life and so that everything is unlocked, you can take your time, you will reach the finish line without any problems. Since you can use the codes several times, you can easily reach the finish line as a winner.

Hacked Rise Up for Android and iOS will allow you to get all the improvements in the game completely free. Enter the codes and you unlock everything in the game. This is both life and levels. You no longer need to go through all the levels in a row, but you can choose the one you like the most. If earlier you had to download mod Rise Up, now it is not necessary, as well as to enter real money or personal information into the game. All you need is to enter the codes according to the instructions that are below on the site and then you can safely enjoy the game. Also, you can use hacked new game Tiki Tag for free.

Rise Up mod


Rise Up is a minimalist arcade game for Android, in which you must accompany the balloon on its way up. The ball rises higher, but it risks bursting due to constant obstacles. Spikes, asterisks, blocks and other obstacles will block the path, and collision with them will be fatal for the ball. Therefore, the user must in advance to remove all obstacles. This is the only way to get as fashionably higher and set a record, which will then be listed in the rating table.

Rise Up Hack codes for Android and iOS:

  • To unlock everything in the game, use the code, for free – RU-7uh-ye
  • To get 1,000 lives in a game, use the code – RU-7ut-hf


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