How to set a new record, passing and codes in the game Rock of Destruction on Android, IOS. Cheats and codes, how to get hacked Rock of Destruction, tips and guide. Destroy everything in your path, get experience and money. This is a free time killer game on your smartphone. With it you can have fun, relax and elevate mood. Following the prompts, everyone can get extra money into the account and include paid features.

At any time and in any place you can start the game and enjoy the passage. Destroy buildings, buildings and all items in their path. What could be better when the mood is not the best. A simple game will give an unforgettable experience, and fascinating gameplay will absorb your attention. Use a piece of rock for destruction, continue to experience time after time. The game quickly gained popularity and in it you can set new records.

Rock of Destruction much money

Since the game is free, there are purchases in it. For real money, you can turn off advertising, but resources are also needed to improve performance. Before each race you will be able to pump the rock, which will have a positive effect on the result. Destruction and endless movement down, this is a new game from the company Voodoo. And if you follow the gaming news, then you are familiar with the games of this developer. And this 2, Helix Jump and other exciting action arcade.

Rock of Destruction mod

Thanks to the new gameplay, you can experience a new and interesting experience. I constantly want to repeat the experience, but between levels the game offers to view ads. You can disable it with the help of codes, this is an easy and safe way to get additional benefits. Many interesting and exciting moments, manage the stone and earn money.

Destroy everything on the way

Voodoo games are a great way to de-stress and distract. Destroy everything in your path and try to destroy as much as possible. And thanks to a simple gameplay, you can enjoy the game at any time and enjoy the moments. The more items you destroy, the more money you can get. To control the boulder, just swipe your fingers left and right. Anyone can quickly learn to play using the hacked Rock of Destruction, you can get extra money and turn off advertising. Also, you can use hacked From Farm to City for free.

While the game is available only on iOS devices, the version on Android is also expected. Download and manage your stones, increase its size and pump characteristics. To set a new record, you need to destroy as many objects as possible. In addition to simple, wooden buildings in the game there are fortresses and massive buildings. To destroy them, you need to have a high level and have a huge stone. Bonuses and rewards from the destruction of huge buildings are multiply more, which will make a lot of money. If you want to download the Rock of Destruction mod, then you should expect an official release of the game on Android.

Rock of Destruction cheat

Graphics and sounds

Destroy houses, cities and get bonuses. Pay attention to the huge and beyond your building. Earn money to boost performance. This journey may not end, and as the level increases, new buildings and buildings will open. The game is exciting, hard to break away from the gameplay. Use the received bonuses and money for pumping the stone. And this will open up new opportunities for you.

Visually simple game has live effects and attractive sounds. The game is made in 3D, but it has a small size. Good optimization will allow to download the game to anyone who wishes. A cheat codes otryut before you new features and allow you to unlock valuable items.

Rock of Destruction hack and codes:

  • 1,000,000 money for free, code – RUS_4IVT879
  • Disable advertising – 23Z_R2PUZRP


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