Game Snake Balls, free, disable ads, tips, tricks. Passing the game, setting new records, play for free, download the mod. How to get a lot of money and unlock new levels, secrets and tricks of the passing game. Endless attempts, immortality, how to play, how to win the game and set a record. Hacked Snake Balls, like unlock all the pieces, objects in the game. The article contains secrets and tricks for passing the game, follow the prompts and make the game more enjoyable.

About the game

Getting started is easy, just download the free version on Android, iOS. This can be done from the official sites of Android, iOS. Even a child can master the gameplay, but the levels pose many difficulties. In fact, they have no restrictions, and each attempt is an opportunity to set a new record. And to do this, you need to skillfully shoot balls into a multi-colored snake. The game ends as soon as he gets to the exit at the bottom of the screen.

Snake Balls cheats

You need to do everything to slow down the progress of the snake. But the set of actions is limited. Shoot need colored balls to create a combination of 3 and more. To do this, just get between the balls need color. It seems too easy, if you do not take into account the speed of appearance of new elements. Each time the number of elements increases and if you do not have time to destroy the elements, you lose.

Cheats Snake Balls, tips

To win the game, you need to get used to the speed and constantly raise the bar. Connect the flowers to blow them up. An important difference of this game is shooting from the bottom of the screen. Usually, in games of this genre, you can shoot from the center of the screen in different directions. Each attempt is a unique event, and between them you will need to view countless ads. Disable this feature will help cheat codes. This is the easiest and safest way. In addition, you can download hacked CASE Animatronics for free.

These boosters were used in the process of testing the game. You can also use immortality to get to the highest level. At the same time, achievements will not be recorded in personal records. Games from the company Ketchapp, it is always fun and interesting. Get extra points with a combo. For this you need to think a few shots in advance. Snake Balls mod a lot of money, it is an opportunity to collect a record number of points and turn off disturbing functions.

Snake Balls mod

Tips and features of the game

Since the games from Ketchapp are always interesting and exciting, there is always room for improvement. Colorful game has very bright graphics with nice colors. There are also effects that make games more lively. It is quite simple to shoot accurately in the game, for this is an accessible sight and directional arrow. The game Snake Balls is free, but it has a lot of advertising, paid features.

Use the guides and get the opportunity to play without interruption. As the level increases, the speed of adding new elements increases, so that they disappear, you need to quickly shoot at the desired colors. To earn more points at the level you need to create a combo of several colors. With the explosion of monochrome balls, the balls are located around. And if they are the same color, it leads to combo explosions. And it doubles the number of points and brings you closer to a new record.

Snake Balls hack, cheats

  • Disable ads – 66cjqscjv7
  • Enable immortality mode (to re-enter the code again) – pswlw5uilu
  • Unlock items and levels – hm0xlpibae


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