Hyde, Cheats Space Justice for free, on Android, iOS. Recover energy, a lot of money, crystals, unlimited resources, passing tips. Hacked Space Justice, hidden features of the game, game sets, tools, guide. Unlock weapons and new improvements, upgrade the ship and increase the level for free. Tips and tricks passing the game without shopping. Download the free version from Google Play, Apple Store and enjoy space battles.

Team My.com.B.V. creators of famous games HAWK, Hustle Castle and other best-selling mobile gaming. With millions of fans around the world, developers know what gamers need. After downloading the game, you will find yourself in the center of the galactic wars and battles in space. Hundreds of enemies, big bosses and difficult tests. Since the actions take place in the distant 23rd century, the player has access to advanced weapons and new abilities.

Level up

Participate in space battles, participate in the unification of forces that will allow you to defeat the enemy. The greatest threat to the universe, complex challenges and tasks. Space Justice on Android, is a free game with in-app purchases. After completing each task you will be able to get crystals as a reward. With their help, you can unlock the following tasks, but they are constantly lacking. In addition, the game has energy, you can restore it with the help of play money. Also, use new hacked Zombie Survival Game of Dead game for free.

Space Justiceа free

To become one of the best pilots, you have to go through many tests. The space ranger must have special skills. Only the leader will be able to lead the rest. Use your skills to command cruisers and squadrons. Reasonable races each time will cause more and more problems. Improve your technique, use modern weapons and increase its power. Endless battles in the galaxy end with an empty tank of energy. Use tricks to restore energy.

Space Justice codes, crystals, energy

When the future of the galaxy is in your hands, it is not worth the time. Use all the possibilities to strengthen the spacecraft. Gold, crystals and energy will quickly raise the level and avoid pirate raids. Arcade game gives extensive experience and different situations. First of all, it is a retro classic with modern graphics. and plenty of content. In the game, everyone can take on the role of captain and save the universe.

Since this is arakad, control in the game is as simple as possible. With the help of one finger, move around the screen, the fire will be conducted automatically. On the left are the buttons of additional weapons. It can be used in difficult situations. Space Justice is free to play, but you need to participate in daily quests, watch commercials to get additional crystals. Using cheat codes, you can increase the number of lives and increase your chances of winning.

Space Justiceа cash

Game features

  • Retro gameplay in modern graphics.
  • Favorite arcade gameplay for a million players.
  • Ability to become a captain and lead the space squadron.
  • Dozens of weapons, rockets, drones and lasers.
  • Endless shooting at enemies.
  • Dozens of types of enemies, various races with unique abilities.
  • Ability to play as a team with friends.

PvP mode, the ability to rob the ships of other players and replenish their resources.
Money Space Justice can be obtained using promotional codes. A fun and exciting game will give you more fun when you have a lot of money on your account. Improve protection, set traps for enemies and quickly pass levels.

Space justice cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • A lot of money, code – W0OG5WesIheK
  • Crystal Set – wvEyQR5tYw3m
  • Premium – zxpqPS6SG4yY
  • Recover Energy – CC7W9gQbDeNd
  • Disable advertising in the game – 3JXM9EbrJLiJ


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