Stories: Your Choice – computer gaming stories provided in the best collection for you! You can choose your story, which will open a unique freedom of choice. The developer Tesla Games company provided a collection of interactive stories that included various genres: these are action films, adventures, fantasy, horror, mysticism and detectives. And this collection is provided by the best authors! Use hack Stories: Your Choice to get maximum resources for free.

On our site you can use cheat codes Stories: Your Choice that will give you a lot of resources for free. Here you will have the opportunity to choose the path for yourself. But think over your every decision, because there may be consequences! In addition, you can choose a character for your hero — be you a villain or a brave, brave hero. Are you ready to be a tyrant or the right ruler? Do you want to break women’s hearts or remain a faithful spouse. Choose you! Here you can choose the appearance of your hero, and hairstyle, and a variety of bright, cool costumes! All this is offered for free in this game! This is first, and secondly, you must remember and not forget that the consequences may be unexpected for you.

Stories: Your Choice  mod

Descriptions and tips:

“Domination over the world”

In this game you have to raise a rebellion. In order to take revenge on the demigod who took your hometown away from you, you must gather troops. You will plunge into a huge fantasy world in which horrible demigods use the human race for war with the gods. Here you will encounter drunken parties at the robbers, you will fight with the bloodthirsty warriors of the tyrant. You are waiting for love scenes with demigod. But this is not all in this story! In addition, improving combat tactics, while winning, you get free money. Will mankind succeed in its rebellion? Everything depends only on you. Enter codes and get lots of Tickets and Diamonds Stories: Your Choice is free for Android and Ios.

The game “Go to Paradise” will take you to an uninhabited, colorful island. You wake up in a real paradise! You will be surrounded by stunning beauties who will fight for you and your attention. In addition, you have to figure out and understand how you ended up on this island. You will see stunning beauty of nature, waterfalls and enjoy the paradise sun, surrounded by girls. But do not be distracted, because on the island there are murders. This is a detective game, be smart! And only the outcome of this story depends on you. Intrigued? Then go ahead!


In the history of the game “Condottieri deserts” you will enjoy all the beauty of the Middle East, you must join the detachment of mercenaries to save humanity. But you can try yourself in the role of a bad hero, and destroy everything. The choice is yours. Here you are waited, betrayal, loyalty, comrades! Show real heroism under bullets! The game has rewards, bonuses and free money! Alao, use new hacked game NBA NOW Mobile for free.

Stories: Your Choice cheat

Game “Under the damned sails.” Gather a team of damned pirates. You should. Because the brutal thug killed your favorite. Darkness has given you strength for revenge! You are waiting for the ship battles, boarding battles, sea monsters and demons! Rum and beautiful girls (possible sex) – but this is your story, and only you decide how it ends! Forward captain! Secrets and Tips Stories: Your Choice will definitely help you.

Animation and graphics:

The game takes up little space and has simple graphics. 2D picture has a bright design, beautiful design, fun gameplay. Since the game can be downloaded for free, there are purchases in it. Version available for Android and Ios. Stories are updated regularly, so you will always have something to play!

Cheats Stories: Your Choice for Hack Game, Android and Ios:

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