The Sun Origin hack is an interesting action with a fascinating storyline. On Earth, there was a real tragedy, which is almost impossible to fix. The sun has heated to such an extent that all living and non-living things just burned out. Only a few survived, those who hid in bunkers and military bases. They stayed there for several years and yet decided to go outside. And I recommend to all fans to drive on super cars to play an amazing race – Beam Drive NG.

Now it’s your time. To begin with, find yourself a weapon and equipment, and then you can already get out on the surface and see what’s what. You have to look for resources for life or those that may be needed. Now all the survivors are your enemies, as they are also looking for provisions, clothing, food and weapons and are ready to kill for it. You need to be extremely careful and cautious and as quickly as possible to collect all that you find useful. In the game you will find a lot of tasks that you need to perform and then there is the opportunity to receive additional resources. Do your best not to die on the first day.

The Sun Origin cheat

The Sun Origin for Android

You need not only a lot of manpower and weapons, but also the resources to buy it all. Now we offer you to use our The Sun Origin cheat codes for money and life, and then everything will be at the highest level. There will be no restrictions anymore. Everything is so simple and accessible that any will cope with codes.

Hacked The Sun Origin on Android and iOS, it’s not only new features in the game, it’s complete freedom of purchase. You no longer need to download mod or buy other settings. Everything is easy, and you can use them many times. If before you were required to real currency, but now it is in the past. For more information, see the instructions below on the site. Since the codes are completely safe, you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy the gameplay in full, because the game will entice you for a long time. Only codes for money and life can make it so simplified.

The Sun Origin mod


The Sun Origin – action from the first person with elements of survival. The main character is in a post-apocalypse world. The entire population of the Earth is almost destroyed, and the scorching sun is shining in the sky, preventing it from going outside without a gas mask. To survive in such conditions, the user needs to search for food and drink, weapons and useful items. The atmosphere of the project resembles the legendary “Stalker”, only on mobile devices. The game has nice graphics and convenient controls that help you fully immerse yourself in the gameplay.

The Sun Origin codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 800 000 money in the game – TSOvdw32
  • Get 1,000 lives in the game, use the code, for free – TSO7ujud


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