The second part of the game, free download, The Walking Zombie 2, Android, iOS version. Cheats and codes, a lot of money, unlock weapons, get boosters and bonuses. Hacked The Walking Zombie 2, passing tips and additional items. Follow the prompts to get large sets of game currency. Destroy bosses to get more valuable resources. Gold and silver coins, full tank of fuel and double experience. All the benefits in the game can be obtained free of charge.

Action games take place in a gloomy, post-apocalyptic world. This is the second part of the famous series of games. And to survive will have to fight with the crowds of zombies and gangsters. Completion of a certain stage of the game should end with a victory for the boss. Each time you can choose a unique arsenal of weapons. To survive, you need to properly use an arsenal of weapons and improve your skills. Thanks to a convenient control system, the game will teach you the basics.

The Walking Zombie 2 mod

The plot and description

The sequel to the series of the game, the plot remains the same. you need to fight for survival by all available methods. The Walking Zombie 2 on Android will delight the storyline, long learning. In addition to the main tasks, the player will be able to complete additional quests every day. First of all it is fascinating, as well as the opportunity to earn additional experience and valuable resources. And thanks to a wide range of skills, each player chooses skills that will be improved.

Earning experience points and rewards, you can buy new equipment, create new items. Chat with friends during the game to remain the last survivor. Role-playing game which passes from the first person. Unlike the previous version, players get the opportunity to move in any direction. With each level of survival requires new skills. Destroying the enemies and getting a reward for new types of weapons, it is an opportunity to diversify the gameplay and expand the amount of ammunition. Also, you can use new hacked Blocky Cars Online game for free.

The walking zombie 2 is a lot of money

Dozens of quests, hundreds of shooting objects and weapons. Zombies and many types of enemies, each has weaknesses. Using the received coins, collect an extensive arsenal of weapons and replenish your ammunition. Grenades, melee guns, shotguns and rifles. To control the perimeter, learn to quickly change equipment. FPS shooter is a challenge to the skills and skills of combat. By combining various attacks, as well as using a first aid kit and food, you can break through the difficult debris.

The Walking Zombie 2 cheat

To increase your character’s chances, buy new gear and spend money on new skills. Save fuel, gain maximum hit points to get bonuses. Boosters will increase your chances of breaking locks and allow you to open new areas on the map. The Walking Zombie 2 cheats, this is an opportunity to get additional ammunition. Codes provide an opportunity to get dozens of types of equipment and unlock skins. Meeting with merchants will unlock additional weapons and equipment.

Perform a variety of tasks and participate in mini games. This is an opportunity to develop skills and expand their list. Can the story end well? Everything will depend on your skills.
Graphics and sounds. Bright picture, 3D graphics and simple design. Effects and graphics allows you to make the elements detailed and crisp. But while it does not take too much space on your phone. Sounds and designs have been improved, but the style of the game has been preserved. Following the prompts, you will learn how to use cheat codes and get a lot of money on the account.

Cheat codes The Walking Zombie 2 Hack:

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  1. very interesting old cool game. but i can’t find all the levels. i speak the animals, i found the map in bottle. Thanks for your great hack!


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