Use WCC LITE Hack, unlimited money for free. All secrets are in this article. We present to your attention a fun, easy 3D mobile game! This is a bright game in which you will not only plunge into the world of sports and excitement. You have to prove yourself a good and agile strategist. The game includes solving complex puzzles. This mobile game has a lot of subtleties and nuances. Thanks to the developers of Nextwave Multimedia, you can gain new experience and master the game of high society WCC LITE! This, without exaggeration, is a game of gentlemen and gentlemen.

Graphics and gameplay of the game:

The game takes up little space, great graphics, simple controls and a very exciting gameplay. The ability to play with real players in real online matches! Thanks to the soundtrack you are transported into the reality of the match. Each player can use WCC LITE codes without downloading a mod that will help improve the game for free.


So, the events take place in the center of the field, on a special long path called the supply line. This is a team game. There are 11 athletes in the team, only a bat and a ball from the inventory. The game is as follows: you must throw the ball into the gate, trying to smash it. In turn, from the opposing team, the batter must not allow this to happen. He must hit the ball with a bat. In the event that the opponent’s delivery is repulsed, the batsman must run to the other end of the playing court, while the other player of the same team, who is at the opposite end of the court, must take his place. Hacked WCC LITE without downloading the mod will allow you to get even more resources than you think.

Passing Tips:

For a full run, change of positions of batters Рthe team is awarded one point. It goes without saying that you get free game currency for points! The responsibility of the players of the opposing team is to catch the ball and return it to the game. In case the ball is caught and returned to the game, before the end of the jogging of the Betsmen. A run is considered lost, and the player leaves the game. Also, the player is knocked out if the ball was caught in the air or the serve was not repelled at all. Each match in the game has two stages. It ends when each team performs one set of innings. And then the teams change places when 10 players drop out. Additionally, you can use the hacking of another sports game, for example Ships of Battle for free.

WCC LITE cheats

The main thing for you in this game is to think very well about the tactics of attack, and develop a defense strategy! The further the ball flies away, the more time the player of the giving team will spend on bringing it back to the center of the field. The stunning quality of 3D images under 36 MB, with effective modes, such as Quick-play, T20, World Cup, Super Over, Super Chase, will allow you to enjoy the game in full! You will soon be introduced to the popular Batting multiplayer and Premier League format.

Lots of money WCC LITE, secrets for free:

Even with a low file size on a wide range of mobile phones, you can count on a scintillation game! And this version of the game is available for free for iOS and Android. Get ready for a crazy game! Join the participants of this prestigious game all over the world! WCC Lite has features that make it the most dynamic universal game in the world of mobile cricket. Good luck!

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