Zombie Survival Game of Dead is an exciting game, with which you have the opportunity to move into the future, namely in the distant 2030 year. This is the time of the zombie apocalypse and all its charms, if you can call them that. All you need is to survive on your own and clean the planet from the nasty dead. If you are interested in the arcade, then here is one of the best that you should play – Spirit Wish.

Secrets and Tips:

Once there was a worldwide charge of some kind of virus, and all the inhabitants began to turn into the dead. Why only you remained not infected, it is a secret. But now it’s up to you to fight back all around. All cities are destroyed in the collapse and to find something normal there is very difficult. You have the opportunity to take weapons from the police station and other items of protection as well. And you can start a war.

Remember that zombies are very strong and each of them has its own unique abilities. And your task is to fulfill the assigned missions no matter what. They will hinder you in achieving the goal, but you can cope with them and collect all the resources that are in the location.

Zombie Survival Game of Dead mod

Zombie Survival Game of Dead for Android

Since you need a lot of weapons and equipment, you can buy it for resources. But there are very few of them in the game and it is difficult to collect the necessary amount. And with Zombie Survival Game of Dead cheats for money and crystals, you can easily get everything you need. Namely, to improve their weapons and buy new ones.

Interesting features in the game:

  • You will find more than 15 levels of difficulty.
  • A huge number of weapons and equipment that can not only buy but also improve what is available.
  • Many locations and missions that need to complete and go on.

Hacked Zombie Survival Game of Dead for Android and iOS, this is a new chance to get all the features in the game, without any real investment. No more mod, real money and personal data. Everything is so simple that you just have to enter the code, and then enjoy the gameplay in full. More information can be seen below on the site. Codes are not only safe but completely free.

Zombie Survival Game of Dead cheat


Zombie Survival Game of Dead – arcade shooter, which takes place in the near future. The zombie virus swept almost the entire population of the planet and reached the borders of the United States. Crowds of zombies are attacking the East Coast, so the civilian population is sent to evacuate. The protagonist, who is a brave fighter, is going to restrain the onslaught of the walking dead until such time as the last civilian is taken away. To do this, he gets up for a machine gun and presses on the trigger, destroying all the attacking mutants. The player needs to control the character, as well as upgrade his weapon.

Cheats Zombie Survival Game of Dead on Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 900,000 money in the game – ZS7ythuj
  • 80,000 crystals in the game using cheat code, free of charge – ZSbhvj3e


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