The authors of PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) will most likely enter their royal battle every day; the creators of the Reigns series, even after a dozen passages, are still trying to find new scenarios for the development of history. And even members of the Supercell team are experiencing new strategies in Clash Royale … But the developers from Ubisoft did not Assassin’s Creed Rebellion for themselves. This is a game in which the publisher is interested, and for which the player will bite. But this is not a project that you create, because you want to create it.

I have long been convinced that if you do something that you can hardly be proud of or even just use, you will not get a masterpiece. And the new part of Assassin’s Creed is far from a masterpiece.

Pleasant moments

Rebellion has retained some of the Assassin’s Creed features. The historical scenery here is mixed with the computerized Animus style. The machine with which in the first parts of the series the main character from the present could reproduce the memories of his ancestors. The feeling of immersion in the past is here.

All the characters are made in the style of Tibi (or chibi). This is such a way of creating characters, taken from the Japanese anime. When people are drawn with a small body and a big head. Because of this, in general, the game is perceived as more cartoony and a little less serious. But for a publisher who wants to attract millions of players, this is only a plus.

Assassin's Creed Rebellion tips

Insanely pleased with the soundtrack. The main menu plays the soundtrack from the main series of Assassin’s Creed. And if you are familiar with it, then this moment can cause twofold feelings: pleasant nostalgia and aversion to what has become a good action RPG. I was pleased. There is no voice acting, so there will not be much immersion into the plot.

I still have time to scold the clutter of information and interface elements, but I am glad that the authors at least added detailed and understandable training. So, that if nothing is missed, there will be no problems in the process.

Plot Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

There is history here, but it’s not worth waiting for any revelations. At the very beginning Ezio Auditor da Firenze arrives in Spain, known to the players for the second part of Assassin’s Creed. True, here he is not the actor, but just a garter to the main series. And it does not work. Although most of the players one mention of the assassins in the title will be enough.

The plot is served through the dialogues, plot tasks and notes that the characters find in the process of their passage. The story in the spirit: “All is bad, evil and powerful and attacks, but we will save everyone”.

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Game process

It can be divided into 3 elements: tasks, office management and numerous menus. The latter is one of the main drawbacks of the Rebellion. The game is really dozens of sections with tasks, different types of in-game purchases, the characteristics of each of the assassins (each of which is divided into 5 sections), and so on.

A lot of information!

You can quickly get used to all this, but you get the feeling that you have a deep strategy with endless possibilities. When you realize that this is not the case, it becomes insulting.

In the same XCOM: Enemy Within, compared to which I will return, there were fewer such menus, but tactical diversity is much more.

Managing your office is not like a Fallout Shelter, no matter what. In the latter, you need to plan the placement of certain rooms. Save on them, dig pits and place everything correctly. Here it is enough just to choose the right room, and everything is ready. Surprisingly, it does not even have to wait. Assignments are such tactical missions, for which you are sent as part of three assassins. And must fulfill your goals: to extract treasures, kill a certain character or steal data.

Assassin's Creed Rebellion secrets

And if you compare this game with any of the existing ones, then modern XCOM will do. You also have several wards and options for passing with an indication of the chances of success. The problem is that pumping affects these chances. And pumping very quickly becomes a guarantee of the amount of money invested.

Yes, there is a certain interest in the game. For example, you can send one assassin, which just fall into the trap, but will have a chance to fight and defeat the enemy, or choose another, which will easily slip the danger, but not the fact that it will stand in a duel.

There are such forks: go right through, risking losing a squad member with a blade in the belly. Or scrambling up with the chance of breaking legs.

Assassin’s Creed

For more than ten years, Assassin’s Creed is not the best, but definitely the loudest series of actions for consoles and computers. Since last year, it is also an RPG, but it is not so important. And then suddenly Rebellion suddenly turns into tactics. And I would not mind if it was a real tactic, and not elements of the genre, simplified to the maximum.

Assassin's Creed Rebellion review

If you paid attention to this game only because of the name, then know that if you replace the assassins with some other characters and change familiar names, then all the magic of the Rebellion franchise will disappear completely.

But thanks to these elements, developers during the pre-registration managed to attract more than 3 million users. If you want to use hack Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, you can find it on our site.


This is not a good or bad game. She is just one of many. There will be those who want to play it for a long time, and those who won’t even play for a couple of hours.

And the most important thing that makes this project understand is that the publishers do not plan to change the approach, but simply continue to earn money on games whose formulas work.

If I had not been so biased, my impression would have been different. But I know what game Ubisoft could have created, and it hurts me that instead they made Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. And yes, during the review, I almost did not mention in-game purchases, because there are a lot of them here. But is it worth mentioning separately?

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